Julian Assange: Man on the Run

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Transcript by Newsy BY KYRSTEN SKULBORSTAD You're watching multisource world news from Newsy Julian Assa...
Transcript by Newsy BY KYRSTEN SKULBORSTAD You're watching multisource world news from Newsy Julian Assange is a man on the run. Interpol has placed him on its wanted list for alleged sexual assault in Sweden, and did so shortly after the Australian native released thousands of secret documents through his whistleblower website, Wikileaks. Now, Assange finds himself in the crosshairs of public officials around the world. NBC Nightly News’ Lisa Meyers describes Assange’s recent measures to protect himself from those outraged by his disclosure of sensitive documents. Lisa Meyers: “Julian Assange is a man without a home, who lives the life of the hunted, changing his appearance, using false names and encrypted cell phones to avoid detection.” Some have even suggested -- Assange be killed. Tom Flanagan is one such individual. In an interview on CBC, the professor and former senior advisor to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Assange should be gunned down. Tom Flanagan: “Well I think Assange should be assassinated actually. I think Obama should put out a contract and maybe use a drone or something. There is no good coming of this.” Flanagan later apologized for his comments. But radio host and Watergate mastermind G. Gordon Liddy shared similar sentiments with World Net Daily. “This fellow Anwar al-Awlaki – a joint U.S. citizen hiding out in Yemen – is on a 'kill list' [for inciting terrorism against the U.S.]. Mr. Assange should be put on the same list." The main question now? CNN asks - is Wikileaks a whistleblower website or a news organization, which would provide it different protection from the U.S. Constitution? U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says it’s the former, and that the site and its founder committed criminal acts the U.S. will prosecute. Reporter: “Can you prosecute Wikileaks because they didn’t steal the document? They only published them.” Lawyer: “Well it is a crime to pass along classified information, even if you are not the original source of it. But you’re right, the case is a lot more complicated than people think.” According to Assange’s lawyer, the whole situation is a mess. He says Interpol knows where to find his client for questioning, but prosecutors have yet to pursue that option. And, according to recent reports, official charges relating to the Wikileaks documents have yet to be brought against Assange. MARK STEPHENS: “Never before have I come across a prosecutor who has behaved like this. This is a persecution, not a prosecution.” In an previous interview with ABC, Assange says freedom of speech is what Wikileaks is fighting for. “The U.S. Free speech tradition is one of our biggest supporters. In some ways, what we are doing is taking the First Amendment and giving it to the world.” But in a comment on RT, one user speculates... “I wonder how long Mr Assange will survive this, because he's a thorn in the flesh of the powerful.” So, what do you think will -- or should -- be the fate of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange? Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy