Go-Ped Trail Ripper 46R / Go-Ped Trail Ripper 46i

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Go-Ped Trail Ripper 46R: *******urbanscooters****/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/GTR001R.html The Go-Ped Trail Rippe...
Go-Ped Trail Ripper 46R: *******urbanscooters****/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/GTR001R.html The Go-Ped Trail Ripper was born to conquer off-road terrain! It features a revolutionary suspension system (Cantilevered Independant Dynamic Linkless Indispension) with front and rear swing arms that give the scooter incredible flexibility on off-road terrain. Gp-Ped Trail Ripper 46i: *******urbanscooters****/cgi-bin/urbanscooters/GTR46i.html After the wildly popular Go-Ped Trail Ripper hit the scene, customers screamed for a street version. Go-Ped listened. The Go-Ped GTR46i Interceptor is the street version of the championship-winning Go-Ped Trail Ripper! Modifications include; smooth ride AT Primo Duro Trap aggressive treaded street tires, a new quieter exhaust system, GSR46R 6-76 sprocket drive ratio, and a new kickstand.