3 Tips to Attract Women .. Without Playing Games!

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*******www.hotalphafemale**** At times women seem like the most confusing people in the world to understan...
*******www.hotalphafemale**** At times women seem like the most confusing people in the world to understand. They don't like mind games. They do like mind games. They don't want a challenge. They do want a challenge. They do want you to show interest. They don't want you to show interest. I answer all these questions and relive all sense of confusion, by getting to the root cause of problem and show you how you can truly attract women, by cultivating your own sense of identity. No pick up lines. No mention about cocky funny humour. No pull and push techniques. I'm here to get you guys back to the basics. Because when you follow and master the basics, the rest will come naturally. Here are the my 3 tips which you can use to help attract women, naturally, without all the mind games! 1) Don't second guess yourself - there is perfection in every action and word you speak. 2) Pursue women that are equally interested in you - Divert your attention away from the women who are "not" interested in you and refocus on the ones that are receptive to your efforts. 3) Cultivate your assertiveness - you ability to make decisions quickly, to move and speak with intention all help in attracting women, effortlessly and without any mind games at all. Allow assertiveness to arise within you and spread to all other areas of your life. For more dating tip videos visit my highly updated youtube channel Hot Alpha Female *******www.youtube****/user/jennelli17 Hot Alpha Female