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THE REAL REASON AND THE ONLY SOLUTION Cho Seung-hui, a 23-year-old from South Korea shot dead at least 3...
THE REAL REASON AND THE ONLY SOLUTION Cho Seung-hui, a 23-year-old from South Korea shot dead at least 30 people before killing himself at Virginia Tech university yesterday.At least three shootings in high schools recently were stopped by civilians with handguns.Massacres in the US are tragically too frequent Now everybody is talking about changing laws Tougher control should be put in place to stop massacres . THE REAL REASON Why don't you go deeper to main cause?Korean boy has written he's fed up with racist&arrogant &hypocratical Western individualism&discrimination.Putting human intellect before God&hedonism&paganistic idols like popmusic,soccer,movies,alcohol&drugs in name of Freedom causes divorces,adultery&high rates of crime like raping,child molestation& Massacres etcIn USA 72% men 58% women swear in public/drug treatment is $117/yr a woman's raped /2 minutes Western idea "individualism" &putting the human intellect before God. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS SUBMISSION TO GOD WHAT IS ISLAM(SUBMISSION TO GOD) ? Selamun aleykum may God's peace be upon you !! There are 36 million atheists in the USA and when I surf on youtube I see many people confessing this.It was really very hard to reply everybody by writing so I prepeared this video hoping that it may be a bit of help. Anyway even if you dont believe we are all siblings because we are all children of Adam and Eve. Although none of these are real solutions the Western people choose Atheism/Budhism or Scientology since the message sent via Jesus is distorted and can't help people quiting drugs& alchol&adultry&lieing &hypocracy&robbing for being good parents and humans so each year 30.000 people convert to Islam in the USA. E.g.:In many parts of Torah and Gospel, Jesus&Abraham and other prophets tell people to be circumsized .The covenant was first made with Abraham and Ishmael;Genesis 17:10 this [is] my covenant, which ye shall keep, every man child among you shall be circumcised. - .or in Torah God tells you not to eat ham but you do. So you must read Quran 2-3 hours-the time I've spent 4 u Now let's begin wıth who became Moslem:Roger Garaudy(Head Of French Communist Party&The Biggest Philosoph Of Our Century), Cat Stevens, Michael Jackson,Kaka( The Brasilian Footballer Of Milan),Mohammed Ali,Mike Tyson (The Boxer),Karim Abdüljabbar,Shaqie O\'Neal Are Some Convert Moslem Celebrities . SO WHAT IS ISLAM? :Islam simply came to repeat lastly&completely God's message sent by Jesus,Moses,David,Noah,Abraham.A man came to Prophet Mohammed and asked im to tell very shortly about islam Pr.Moh. said "Believe İn God And Be Good". NEXT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ARE MOSLEM?: When you become Islam you do'nt change religion.You simply update&upgrade the software/mssge sent by Abraham&Moses& Jesus with the additional features of Prp. Mohammed to replace the viruses added to your hardware by some religion hackers before. Reason why people in West choose Budhism or Atheism is they can't find anything in Christianity and from childhood they are taught Islam is their enemy so they don't hv to read quran.Once they read Quran coincidentally they become the most fervent supporters and Moslems learn Islam from them . Now the Moslems learn Islam from convert sheikhs like Yusuf Estes&Kabir Helminski&Hamza Yusuf &Abdul Raheem Green&Yusuf Islam &many others.(there's a lot info about them in youtube), Islam is peace and you will find if youu search and become fervent supporters like them. God bless you