Cylon Sharon and Captain Adama - Battlestar Galactica

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Discuss this video on the Forum HERE: *******desteni***.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=305&t=17602 So th...
Discuss this video on the Forum HERE: *******desteni***.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=305&t=17602 So this is another Battlestar Galactica vlog, and the topic of this vlog is related to an episode I just watched, and I'm talking about "Cylons have software and Humans have emotions". This topic came up in this scene where the Cylon Sharon has just returned with Starbuck from Caprica, in the Cylon ship, and Starbuck's brought back the arrow of Apollo, and Captain Lee Adama is, he goes and he's talking to the Cylon Sharon in the brig. And he's of course very angry with the Cylon Sharon because the other copy of the Cylon Sharon shot Commander Adama, and, so captain Lee Adama's quite angry at this Cylon and, like all the other Humans, thus far in the series, they're all very angry at the Cylons, and the Cylon Sharon is explaining how she loves Helo, and she loves the baby that she's carrying, and of course as happens frequently in the show, captain Adama like the other humans, becomes outraged and says "you don't feel love - you have software, not emotions". And I find this very fascinating, how this is --- Human beings defending their emotions as apparently being something 'profound', something 'far superior' to a 'mere machine', with programming. And it's really really self deluded to have this attitude about one's emotions, because - actually even in conventional science it's easily able to be seen that the Human is a machine - the Human is a robot - an organic robot - DNA = is programming - it's code - it's sequences of code that dictate what the person - dictate the characteristics of that person - it is a seed, that is preprogrammed, like the seed of a tree - the tree is a preprogrammed structure, the Human being is a preprogrammed structure - it is a machine, and I mean it's really so obvious. One of the points - most dramatic points that I've experience within my process of walking in Self Honesty and Self INvestigation, applying Self Investigative Writing and Self Forgiveness, and beginning to uncover the actual workings of my own Mind, my own Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions - Consciousness - I mean I've directly seen for myself that my Consciousness - 'Myself as this Consciousness Entity', this 'personality' that consists of thoughts, feelings and emotions = is a robot. It is a program. of Patterns. And those patterns consist of information - code. It's not profound - Emotions are not 'profound' - they are software. Now, I mean also what's fascinating is if you look at the internet, the internet - computers, I mean it's all software, software - information, programmed things through which - like this video: Software --- you're looking at software right now, you're not even looking at a Human being = you're looking at a computer, right now. Now, fascinatingly people look at a picture on a screen - of someone that they've never actually seen before, except as a picture on a screen, and except as words on a screen, and people 'fall in love' with each other as pictures on screens - or even in chartrooms without even seeing each other's face people 'fall in love', and even get married. So, doesn't that simply prove that love IS software, I mean because you 'love' software - you're seeing software, you're interacting with software - you're falling in 'love' with software - not a being. Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness, Self Perfection *******www.desteni***.za Equal Money - Equal Life - Equal Support *******equalmoney**** Introduction to Desteni: *******organicrobot***.za/ITD/ Desteni Income Plan: *******organicrobot***.za/ITD/DIP.html *******www.facebook****/mattifreeman *******www.mattifreeman.blogspot****