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Are there vampires? Who was actually Dracula?How did he die and where is his body? I shall try to answer t...
Are there vampires? Who was actually Dracula?How did he die and where is his body? I shall try to answer these questions here because he originally was a man who lived and died just like anybody in the borders of the Ottoman Empire and hi shead was burried in Istanbul where I live.Briefly he was educated in the Ottoman empire to be a prince of Rumenia After he was sent to his country he had an unjust way of ruling and made very bad things to people around him including Romenians, Bulgarians and Turks like drinking their bloods.Finally he rebelled to Turks and he was killed in a war and his head was cut and brought to Istanbul and buried in the famous street of Karaköy named "the Street of Banks "or with old name "The prince street" . I decided to explain these facts to your esteemed side because may be some historicians who are interested with this case and have relations with Turkey may try to find his head . Vampires are mythological or folkloric creatures believed to subsist on human blood. In folklore, the term usually refers to the blood-drinking humans of Eastern European legends.Vampires are a frequent subject of fictional books and films, however, the main source for today's popular vampire belief seems to have originated in Transylvania, the home of Prince Vlad the Impaler. Vlad Tepes, the ruler of Carpatia is a historical figure who is very well known in Turkey for his murders against the Ottoman Turks. Dracula means "the son of the Devil' which is Dracul in Romanian. His way of o using long sticks to have prisoners killed , gave him the name "Vlad the Impaler" or "Kazıklı Voyvoda" in Turkish. Vlad Dracula when he was a small child firstly was brought to the Ottoman palace in Edirne --west Turkey- to be educated and to be sent as a governer to Romania .His best friend was the small Sultan Mehmet 2. who would conquer Istanbul later .Two genius children had language,sword,horse riding and leadership lessons for years together and they also became blood brothers.In 1451 he was sent back as a prince to rule Rumenia.In the beginning everything was going very good. He was very close to Ottoman Empire but later some noble Rumenian nationalists wanted to see him as their leader of free Rumenia .Meanwhile he began using alcohol ,lost his justice ruling to people and developed unbelievable persecution methods. His method of torture was a horse attached to each of the victim's legs while a sharpened stick was gradually forced into the body. The end of the stake was usually oiled, and care was taken that the stake not be too sharp; else the victim might die too rapidly from shock. There are claims that thousands of people were killed by sticks at a single time. One such claim says 30,000 were sticked The list of tortures made by him are :nails in heads, cutting off of limbs, blinding, burning, cutting off of noses and ears, mutilation of sexual organs (especially in the case of women), scalping, skinning, exposure to the elements or to animals, and boiling alive. The people also believed that he used to drink human blood to gain devilish powers.E.G. he would have lunch in front of a thousand impaled and slowly dying prisoners Lastly he had the hats of the Ottoman ambassadors nailed on to their heads and Sultan Mehmet 2 decided to get rid of him. Finally Vlad III the Impaler was killed in battle against the Ottoman near Bucharest in December of 1476. Vlad's head was cut off by the Turks .His head was sent to Istanbul and preserved in honey, where the sultan had it displayed on a stick as proof that Dracula was dead. He was reportedly buried at a monastery located near Bucharest, yet the exact place of his burial remains unknown, as excavations at Snagov monastery, usually mentioned as his final resting place, have found no human remains. Now as I told in the beginning there is a street in the famous district of Istanbul named "Bankalar Caddesi"(The street of banks").Its old name was Voyvoda(voievode or prince ) street.Voyvoda was the name given to Romanian princes and it is believed that his head is burried here. So if some historicians are interested with this case and have relations with Turkey may try to find his head and seek it here .For your information. Best Regards