TP-Link USB Cradle (UC100) Product Review

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*******www.refreshcartridges****** Facebook - ******* Twitter - ******* Today...
*******www.refreshcartridges****** Facebook - ******* Twitter - ******* Today we are going to be looking at the TP-Link USB Cradle (UC100). This device is designed to simply extend the range of a single USB port on your computer upto 1.5mtr. The design of this product is typical of TP-Links stuff and is very elegant and minimalist , as is the installation. No drivers or technical knowledge is required at all, simply plug it in any USB port and your ready to go straight away. The product itself should be compatible with any system that uses USB as it is effectively a USB extension cable. The key difference being the female end stands upright and has a couple of extra features. All of the USB devices I tried fit nicely and I can't think of any that wouldn't and the female end protrudes nicely from the base meaning it shouldn't conflict with anything near by or the base itself. It is however a different story for the cap holder as this fits completely flush with the base and if the cap of your USB device is recessed at all it means it will not reach the cap holder . This would have been ever so easy to solve if the cap holder had been made a little longer to compensate for such caps. I think this is a shame as this would have been a useful feature. The bottom of the USB cable has a felt like surface which means it can slide around on your desk. This is handy if you are frequently changing devices, but means you have to hold the cradle down to the desk whenever you need to remove something. I know suction cups are not for everyone, but it would have been nice if an optional removable one was included. In conclusion this is a nice functional device that moves an existing USB port literally to your finger tips. Whilst it doesn't have any extra features like additional USB ports and it does have a couple of minor design flaws, if you have need of such a accessory it is certainly recommendable.