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Click here to watch live stream - ******* Watch live - New York Jets v New England Patriots live stream - trueonlinetv - Bill Bellichick's Moments"Rex Ryan has stolen the spotlight once again.The New York Jets head coach is the topic of conversation in the sports world after a foot fetish video reportedly featuring Ryan and his wife Michelle has hit the Internet.Deadspin**** originally posted the video, which features a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Michelle Ryan having a sexually-charged conversation about her feet with a man who is off camera.Oddly enough, the camera man sounds pretty familiar--like Rex Ryan in fact--and it is reportedly the Ryans in that video.There has been no confirmation that it is indeed Ryan and his wife in the video, but this story is sure to stick around for a while.That being said, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at some of Ryan's wackiest moments from his coaching career.After all, the guy has a ton of 'em."