Streaming Live - New York Jets V New England Patriots Highlig...

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To watch this game live stream Click here - *******
To watch this game live stream Click here - ******* Streaming live - New York Jets v New England Patriots highlights-trueonlinetv - Mark Sanchez's Moments " Rex Ryan Anoints The Jets The Super Bowl Favorites Chris Trotman/Trueonlinetv Images In the 2009-10 season, the Jets sneaked into the playoffs and were the underdogs in their Wild Card game against the Cincinnati Bengals.Well, Rex Ryan was at first surprised the Bengals were the favorites and later offered his take on the situation.“I wasn’t aware of that,” Ryan said. “But to me, I think we should be favorites.”But Ryan wasn't talking just about that Bengals game.“I mean in the whole tournament,"" Ryan added. Gotta love the confidence from Ryan here, even if it wasn't true."