Painting Long Island, The Beach House

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*******www.powerwashingdragon**** 631-780-4737 Long Island power washing, Long island Painting. Watch this ...
*******www.powerwashingdragon**** 631-780-4737 Long Island power washing, Long island Painting. Watch this How to Paint sheetrock ceiling and walls at a decorative level, "The Beach house" video was shot by Power washing and Dragon and Painting on location in Southold Long Island NY.In this video you meet some of PDP's crew. Say hello to one our lovely woman painters, aka miss skillz, also you can meet big Dee and Chase. See how we tie together our two core services, Drywall finishing and Painting, in this short video, to show you how to produce superior results that your client can admire and appreciate for years to come. We at PDP. don't clean, paint, repair just for today but we, protect, preserve, beautify for tomorrow! Here we demonstrate how we beautify a house's interior by painting , skim coating and tape and Spackle work. We give tips on how to properly cut super straight lines when using a brush! Services employed in this video: Dragon's chest interior painting - Paint work can include but not limited to all prep work, covering, with drop cloths, painters plastic and or protective tape and paper where necessary, caulking, scraping, sanding, patching, tape and Spackle work, blow out patch, wall paper removal, nail hole fill, repair of hairline and stress cracks, popping nails, cracked out corner beads, skim coating to take your walls all the way up to level 5, special priming where necessary, prime and finish (Depending on scope). Please note: For interior walls we recommend minimum 1 coat prime 2 coat finish. Depending on how deep the base is you choose, darkness or intensity, we may incur an increase in expense for paint, and the amount of coats for it to take to make the color realized on the walls. This cost may be passed on, which includes the labor, time and material. Paint manufactures charge a premium for deep based paints or you have to use an upgraded product amongst their product line to achieve such rich, brilliant, or deep based colors. Paint Application makes a difference. Spray painting will give a more even and uniform look with less to little or no stipple compared to any brush and roller technique, and most times comes at a premium. Sometimes even the amount of different colors chosen in a project will effect price. Every color introduced in the same space requires more labor due to the fact of color separation, thats where lines have to be defined when one color meets another. More paint setups, buckets, brushes, roller handles, etc. Most time this is already included in the price but when there is excessive color changes and additions we have to pass on the cost. Also understand the more darker, reflective the color, sheen of the finish paint, the more perfect you wallboard should be. Example if you decide on a dark intense Semigloss paint your walls should be in perfect shape -level 5. If your wall surfaces are less then desirable they can be remedied in many ways: tape and Spackle, skim coating, or total sheetrock replacement, depending on existing conditions, budget, and clients preferences.