International Extradition - Wire Transfer - Email - Telephone

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*******www.mcnabbassociates**** Federal Attorney Douglas C. McNabb is an International Extradition Lawyer....
*******www.mcnabbassociates**** Federal Attorney Douglas C. McNabb is an International Extradition Lawyer. At a recent international seminar for law enforcement, the Director of the FBI referred to his agency as THE global law enforcement agency. The FBI takes a very aggressive extra-territorial approach to their criminal cases. Extradition refers to the formal process by which an individual is delivered from the country where he is located, the requested country, to the requesting country, in order to face criminal prosecution, or if already convicted, to serve a sentence. The participants in extradition are therefore the two countries and the individual who is the subject of the proceedings. Our firm challenges international extradition cases where the FBI or other U.S. federal law enforcement agencies seek to extradite any person, located anywhere in the world, based on allegations that a U.S. federal criminal statute has been violated. The firm fights international extradition requests whether the U.S. is the requesting or requested country. "Federal Crimes" Indictment "Douglas McNabb" "McNabb Associates" "International Extradition" Lawyer Attorney Defense FBI Extradition "Federal Law"