To Be the World Chess Champion With a Pussy Cat

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As you know if you don't play chess for a long time you will lose the first game if you play with somone wh...
As you know if you don't play chess for a long time you will lose the first game if you play with somone who plays everyday.After some days of playing you see that you begin to beat others .This is simply because chess more than a game of thinking is a game of memorising. The more moves&tactics you memorise you become more superior and finally you can be the world champion. The proof to what I say is the computer" Deep Blue "which could even defeat Kasparov the world champ six times.Of course if your pussy cat is playing near you while you are memorising the chess moves you can be the world chess champ with your pussy cat.I hope you were not expecting anything else more than a joke and you did not mind. Well the reason why I did this video is that the most popular videos on youtube are the ones of humor,music,etc... Yes,I accept that life is hard and we need to laugh sometimes but if you really want to be happy and satisfied inside the best way is helping and being useful to others. So dear folks I made researches on curing Diabetes which 300 million people suffer in the world,cancer which 20 million people suffer in the world and Ms. That means at least a person in your family or you neighbourhood has diabetes or cancer or MS. You can easily tell them that there is a guy saying he has cured these diseases and showing freely on youtube . I also have serious researches on getting rid of chronical hunger inthe world by soy&leaf proteins .In addittion I show you how to make cheap soymilk machines freely. So you can also inform the institutions trying to cope with world hunger about these videos web addreses where you can reach them are on my video and in the text near the video . I guarantee you that soon after informing an ill person around you ,you will be the happiest person of the world. We are the ones who can build a beautiful world and why should we not start now? ARCHITECTURE: ***********/watch?v=60u-BMKsn-E ARMAGEDDON:***********/watch?v=E9VRK2UsS8U BORAT: ***********/watch?v=D0DahKVigHA BUSINESS: ***********/watch?v=kgW6QzpUYXQ CULTURE: ***********/watch?v=S1vs3AGTO6Y CANCER: ***********/watch?v=s1dx_2T2S90 DIABETES: ***********/watch?v=UVCBCuX3vjw DRACULA: ***********/watch?v=taiFJPHGJ4A FAMILY: ***********/watch?v=FwHvDlU0KYY FAMILY GUY STEWIE : ***********/watch?v=l3P-LfQPK2o FRIENDSHIP: ***********/watch?v=6XHGZ8-zN7I HERBS: ***********/watch?v=PSXmX4zGsO0 HISTORY: ***********/watch?v=lbTAB7-_Aw8 HUMANITY: ***********/watch?v=SgxRFMpIAOY INTERESTING: ***********/watch?v=ayP_rhtepx4 INVENTIONS: ***********/watch?v=rJ2NA2ucPss LANGUAGE: ***********/watch?v=NPekeL4qlwI LEADERS: ***********/watch?v=8SNnwAJTfp0 LONGEVITY: ***********/watch?v=tvCTNQISFfk MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS :***********/watch?v=MvL2MKmvVcY MUSIC: ***********/watch?v=i_ZjPGeDG8c NUTRITION: ***********/watch?v=abTSq_SALc0 PEOPLE:***********/watch?v=ts_iRAZmjVs PEACE: ***********/watch?v=L7w_7iT1N8w POLITICS: ***********/watch?v=OEEmzyn4np8 PLACES: ***********/watch?v=33mJqa0sZQw POETRY: ***********/watch?v=RQcFqGRfyAs PSYCHOLOGY: ***********/watch?v=1vjqIoqFNmc QUIT SMOKING: ***********/watch?v=9Ogab3r_P8w QUIT ALCOHOL&DRUGS: ***********/watch?v=BlQeHuvsXN8 RELIGION: ***********/watch?v=Smzp35Tz62U SCIENCE: ***********/watch?v=Vln7A4WR8Rw SIMPSONS: ***********/watch?v=WXPVwCHVvxs SOCIETY: ***********/watch?v=V51m0Vspo-c SOUL: ***********/watch?v=dtpIc6VQG_8 TIME: ***********/watch?v=S-NURG4rdQI TOURISM: ***********/watch?v=iaguaoZHG54 UFOS&ALIENS: ***********/watch?v=KXc0uTfHKwk WOMEN ISSUES: ***********/watch?v=MlhauHIAxZ4 WORLD: ***********/watch?v=_mElzBRsqdw VEGETARIAN&VEGAN: ***********/watch?v=4Sm9GFKijoY YOUTH: ***********/watch?v=SKxjB671pA4 YOUTUBE: ***********/watch?v=NRnMyEMN3Ug tom jerry liszt piano cartoon cat concerto 1946 hungarian rhapsody tortoise attack cheeky animals kathleen cochrane fox8 wjw attack jessebelcher TALK (more)