Indiana Lawmakers Flee State, Wisconsin-Style

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BY ALYSSA CARTEE You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy Voice: "Representative...
BY ALYSSA CARTEE You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy Voice: "Representative Battles? Representative Battles?" Bosma: "Representative Battles is absent" Voice: "Representative Bauer? Representative Bauer?" Bosma: "Representative Bauer is apparently absent." Indiana House Democrats fled the state this week -- Wisconsin-style -- in order to delay a vote on an anti-union bill. Sound familiar? 37 Democrats kept the House from meeting quorum to conduct business. Those Democrats say they won’t be coming back until they receive a commitment from Governor Mitch Daniels and House Speaker Brian Bosma that the “right-to-work” bill will be dropped for good. The bill would allow workers to collect union-won wages and benefits without paying union dues. (Video: Indy Star) Indiana follows Wisconsin’s example. A commentator on Fox and Friends suggests Wisconsin used rank and file tactics to disband unions. “The story of Wisconsin, is the fact that collective bargaining is working. The governor achieved all the concessions he sought, pertain to go give back, salary cuts.” So, is this a sign of more to come? A blogger for the National Review says the new trend of lawmakers leaving a state to avoid a vote could indicate the “talked about national government shut down” may not be far off. “...Democrats in (now) two states have actually shut down their governments — and not due to a legitimate legislative impasse, but by the illegitimate tactic of fleeing the state to avoid being compelled to do their jobs? … how bad can shutting down the government be?” The Atlantic Wire says it is possible similar tactical moves could happen across the country. “...the rest of the Midwest might have to get used to the idea of obstructionism served "Wisconsin style." With such heated debates, there has to be a bad guy, right? Not necessarily. Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggests, while Wisconsin blames the Democrats, an historic Republican once made the same move. “Unlike GOP Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin, (Indiana Governor Mitch) Daniels did not demonize Democrats for departing the House. (The man who would be Republicans’ first president, Abraham Lincoln, deliberately absented himself from the Illinois Legislature in 1840 to slow down passage of legislation he did not like.) Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy will start similar union discusssions in his state and feels the media is blaming unions. Which led to a spirited discussion on MSNBC’s Mornin’ Joe. Gov. Dannel Malloy (CT) : "I heard some of this give-and-take you guys engaged in before you came to me. You were demonizing the unions. And you were saying that politicians." Joe Scarborough: "No, I'm not." Malloy: "That politicians gave in. We're not talking about disbanding the legislature here. We're talking about disbanding unions. Is that fair?" Scarborough: "I don't know who you thought was demonizing unions?" Mika Brzezinski: "I think that was happening." Scarborough: "Who was doing that?" Brzezinski: "We were focusing so much on exactly what is wrong with parts of the union system, benefits some get and it got so specific-" In addition to Wisconsin, Indiana and Connecticut, Ohio’s state government is facing large protests against an anti-union bill. The Governor of New Jersey says he’s looking for a similar solution to his state’s budget problems. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy