Geomagnetic Storm Impact on Earth Emanate

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A solar wind stream flowing from a massive coronal hole should reach Earth on Oct. 25th or 26th. On a scale...
A solar wind stream flowing from a massive coronal hole should reach Earth on Oct. 25th or 26th. On a scale of K0-K9 with K9 being the worst, the Geomagnetic K-indices hit K7 last night while those in the US slept. There [should be no problems] with electric power, satellite or radio communications during Earth impact bellow the High-latitude. GEOMAGNETIC STORM WARNING UPDATE: NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of [severe geomagnetic storms] around the poles on Oct. 25th. The forecast is prompted by a possible ((double whammy:)) both a solar wind stream and a CME could hit Earth's magnetic field on that date. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras. From *******www.spaceweather**** yesterday, hour after it was know eminent; not that there are many with action plans to mitigate incoming damage. Over the next 24 to 36 months this will only get worse and more frequent, and eventually the Earth is going to get hit even harder. Hopefully not hard enough to knock out all satellite communications which will take decades to replace all primary satellites, many of which will never be replaced. People as a whole have their head in the sand about this dangerous issue. It's not so much that the sun is the danger, rather mankind losing power for months on end is the real danger which will shut down water supply to [nearly all homes] in the US alone, followed by [severe food shortages] within one or two weeks after total loss of power. Loss of power is the real danger, [NOT THE SUN ITSELF]. Sadly if official government warnings were in fact being issued you [MIGHT] head the warnings, right??? WRONG. How do I know this to be true??? Because official government warnings have been issued starting way back in May of 2006, and very stern US government warnings were issued again [twice] in 2010 warning the public to ["prepare] for a once in a life time super solar storm event." World news agencies as well have also issued these warnings to the public, news agencies even going out of their way to educate the public as to what all this means and what to expect, should and when it happens. Are you ready to provide your own food and water for at least 6 months or far longer??? Most likely your answer is a resounding, no. Thus your lack of staying informed [NEEDLESSLY] puts you and your family at serious risk. FYI: I operate the *******www.SolarStormWebsite****/ which receives 100,000 to 170,000 views [per hour] which generates a lot of email and questions, yet our account on Facebook has only received two responses [so far] who even care and or has commented about it via my warnings and special videos I have put together and posted on Facebook. Sad but true. Believe it or not. Don't be a sheeple, get up to speed fast. Research it. I dare you to Google: Solar Storm Warning 2012 Have a nice day. Staff *******www.SolarStormWarning**** Real Time Date at: ***********/solar_storm_warning_Geomagnetic_K-indices.html PS: In the event this account becomes suspended, our new account name will be, SolarStormWarning2, then SolarStormWarning3, and so forth.