NBA Stars Heading East: Entertaining or Dangerous?

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BY DAN CORNFIELD You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. Go East, young man. T...
BY DAN CORNFIELD You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. Go East, young man. That seems to be the theme of current NBA superstars. The dust has settled after the NBA trade deadline and many believe the power now lies in the Eastern Conference. LeBron James says, “Everybody’s bringing their talents to the East. It’s going to be fun.” Not everyone agrees. In the last year, Carlos Boozer left Utah for Chicago Amare Stoudemire said so-long to Phoenix and went to the Knicks. Then last week, Carmelo Anthony packed his bags in Denver in favor of the Big Apple, taking aging point guard Chauncey Billups with him in the trade. And point guard Deron Williams left the Jazz for the Nets. The NY Sports Digest’s Anthony Straight says: forget how you view the players, what does it do to their teams? Straight: “The Cleveland Cavaliers astounding drop off from a contender during the Lebron era to the league’s worst team has become a cautionary tale. ... While the sudden loading of super power teams are shaping up in the East, smaller teams like Cleveland and Toronto or even Denver are left to pick up the pieces to rebuild once a franchise centerpiece leaves.” Straight also quoted Utah Jazz CEO Greg Miller as saying this sort of shift doesn’t do the fans, teams, or sponsors any good. The Oakland Tribune’s Monte Poole agrees, and believes the Easterly trend is dangerous for the league. Poole: “This disease is creeping into the NBA, carried not by the owners but the players. Rather than franchises cherry-picking coveted talent, talent is seeking out coveted franchises.” But ESPN’s Scoop Jackson calls a flagrant foul on those pointing fingers. Jackson: "It is blame misplaced. … But the fact remains that people -- the media and, to a degree, fans -- are upset, maybe because no one is used to this. The pecking order is being disturbed, and comfort in the results can't be found." NBA analyst Ric Bucher tells ESPN, even after the seismic shift of star players from the West, the East powerhouses still may not be good enough to take down the West in crunch time. Not even the flagship Boston Celtics. Bucher: “More important, as far as the league is concerned, if they get to the NBA Finals, I don’t like them against the Lakers now. Or actually, if the Oklahoma City Thunder are there, I don’t like them against them.” For now, the NBA champs still reside in the West, and the Lakers look to repeat the 3-peat. But the Eastern powers in Miami, Boston, Chicago and now New York have assembled the pieces to dethrone King Kobe. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos to receive daily updates. Get more multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.