JAPAN Earthquake Update GALACTIC FEDERATION March 16

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Copyright YouTube channel: Komurosan *******www.youtube****/watch?v=xX8ybP8ygaQ *******lightworkers****/ch...
Copyright YouTube channel: Komurosan *******www.youtube****/watch?v=xX8ybP8ygaQ *******lightworkers****/channeling/127087/sheldan-nidle-u... Selamat Gajun! We come again to discuss with you a number of things that are happening on your world and to your reality. Presently, your world is moving through a period of ever-accelerating change. This operation to alter your reality is reaching a stage where Gaia requires acknowledgement of the fact that your days as primary residents of her surface are strictly numbered. We are watching as Mother Earth starts to increase the amount of strength she is channeling into her various seismic and volcanic events. We are being told that it is imperative for you to begin to see that the many diverse events taking place are related to one another. The collapse of Mother Earth's ecosystems as well as the sudden changes in climate reflect your own need to change, for example, by moving to end the UFO cover-up and by cooperating with the many elements we are putting both around your world and below the surface of your world. We are ready to use these elements to bring you in due time to Inner Earth and to assist in your move from limited to full consciousness. First contact has become more than simply a reunion between you and your space family: Heaven has expanded this mission to include the actual transition of your society to a galactic one. This has placed us in a role that we would rarely undertake on our own; namely, to ensure the grand transformation of your present reality into something quite different. We are pleased that Heaven has chosen us for such a significant task. However, the amount of multileveled strategies needed to pull this off are not so easily embraced. At first we stumbled as we learned how best to work within the strange circumstances presented to us. Your realm is ruled by interlocking directorates, which to one degree or another despise each other. They operate in a milieu governed by chaos, which was often helped along by their former overlords, the Anunnaki, although this aspect of their tenure has been absent since the mid-1990s. This resulted in a sort of halfway détente, which led to the formation of a new head directorate. This body is the one we are working on to allow a great change of direction away from its heinous plans. (minder info) AIA MANINAM AIA the CREATOR bloGSPOT DDSDTV.bloGSPOT