Excel Saga - Opening Theme - Stepmania STANDARD (Foot Job!)

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From *******www.tigerm**** Download Link: *******dancedancetigerm**** BPM 115-128 Length 3m 48s Foot Levels...
From *******www.tigerm**** Download Link: *******dancedancetigerm**** BPM 115-128 Length 3m 48s Foot Levels 4 / 5 / 8 / 0 Audio Edit, Background Design & Stepchart by TIGER M Dancer / Player: TIGER M Year Stepchart Created: 2003 Year Video Recorded: 2010 Song Name: Ai (Chuuseishin) Song Artist: The Excel Girls Song Album [Mp3 Direct]: Excel Saga Anime (Opening Theme) Stepmania Version: 3.9beta What Is It Time For: a "Dance! Dance! Revolution!! ^_^ EXCEL EXCEL!! ********** When I first began on this stepchart I was absolutely-head-over-hills-in-LOVE with the Excel Saga anime! ^_^ (Still am). Much thanks to a good friend of mine (J. Malcolm) I was able to view the anime in full in all its full comedic-over-the-top-nonsense circa 2003 laughing-all-the-way along with my younger sis and bro. =) During the viewing, our mother walked in during the "Rocker stroking his guitar's shadow" [which looks like a penis...] and she bawled out, "OH MY LORD! What is This!? Porn!?" We all had a good laugh and explained the concept of the anime. [or tried to...] Eventually, I got to somehow writing down the opening song word-for-word in Romaji [Japanese words using English Letters. Microsoft Word doesn't recognize this though... ^_^;] I was taking Japanese at the time and thought of it as a "fun practice routine" since the anime was holding my attention so well as was learning the ACTUAL Japanese Language via an instructor [Sensei S. Tanaka ^_^] who LOVED using Mnemonic Devices! =D To this day, won't forget this AWESOME Experience! =) Still remember much of the language thanks to-- THIS IS ABOUT EXCEL SAGA! ^_^ =) After completing the series, it so happened that on Bemanistyle**** someone had uploaded a well-received "Joke Stepchart" with clever steps that reacted to the background motion from the unforgettable Excel Saga opening! =D For Stepmania and Dance With Intensity, the stepchart was a joy and fairly humorous... but I wanted to see as a more serious contribution to the excellent anime. So I began my contribution! And THIS Was The Result! ^_^ Stomp To My Stepchart!! )=O ********** Both stepcharts were well received and it appeared that although my 3-level contribution certainly stood on 'er own--the inspirational 1-level "Joke Stepchart" did indeed do things that at the time this stepchart was created mid-2003; were clever and unique. =) [and still are]. Although the idea to have set the initial inspirational stepchart [which I since have lost track of] as a 9-foot challenge chart within this release did not happen--many salutes to that AWESOME Stepchart Creator who contributed her-or-his stepchart for this fabulous anime theme song first! You shall not ever be forgotten to this soul! ^_^ Enjoy the stepchart everybody! =D Stay AWESOME! =D Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), -Tiger M. Gales [Saturday] -9:36 PM (2/26/2011) [Eastern Daylight Time, U.S.A.] February, 26th 2011 =) (( SOME Saturday!! O.O =O )) Who Is TIGER M? O.O *******www.tigerm**** Angel Arc & Company