Newsy Now: March 22

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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource breaking video news analysis from Newsy. ...
BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource breaking video news analysis from Newsy. This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In world news — efforts to restore the cooling system at Japan’s crippled Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Plant resume today. Workers were seen spraying water on the buildings that house Reactors 2 and 3. But, as the BBC reports, this is a complicated process. “Steam’s rising from one of the reactors. Yesterday, there was smoke. The authorities admit they don’t know why.” Official: “There’s no detail assessment and analysis to be conclusive, but we can also say today that this the regulation level was exceeded. So monitoring and analysis will continue.” Still in world news — after a wave of defections from his senior army commanders and diplomats, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh has now accepted an exit strategy by the end of the year. But The New York Times says that may not satisfy demonstrators — especially after Saleh’s bloody crackdown, which killed 45 people last Friday. A government official says details of the plan are still being worked out. And in Libya, an American warplane crashed overnight. The cause of the crash is said to be engine failure, and both crew members are alive and safe. The incident is the first known setback to the Western coalition as it continues to enforce a no-fly zone over the oil-rich country. Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reports, forces loyal to Gaddafi have not ceded ground on two eastern Libyan towns. “Gaddafi’s forces have lost a lot of tanks and heavy armor in the last two days, but they still have plenty more. They are vulnerable to attack from the air. But on the ground, they’re still a force to be reckoned with.” In health news -- Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital makes history as the first U.S. hospital to perform a full facial transplant, giving a 25-year-old Texan a new lease on life. ABC has more. ANCHOR: “The team of more than 30 physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, and residents worked for more than 15 hours to replace the facial area of patient Dallas Wiens. Dr. Pomahac spoke at a press conference earlier today.” POMAHAC: “The facial tissues were recovered including the skin, underlying musculature nerves, all based on vessels that were reconnected to the recipient in one block.” In entertainment -- Jimmy Kimmel got an unexpected visitor when Charlie Sheen dropped in on a live broadcast -- bringing with him shameless acts of self promotion and affection for the host. CUBAN: “Charlie [Sheen] is a smart guy.” KIMMEL: “He is a smart guy.” CUBAN: “He doesn’t get near the credit he deserves.” SHEEN: “[Expletive]” (Cheering) KIMMEL: “I had this dream before and it doesn’t end well!” SHEEN: “Me too. But mine ends well!” (Video: ABC) Think his behavior is a little over the top? Sheen’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Brooke Mueller thinks so. In Radar Online’s exclusive report, she’s asked a judge to order Sheen to go through a psychological examination before he can again see his two twin boys. Stay with Newsy**** for more analyses on news throughout the day. I’m Jim Flink for Newsy Now — highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. Transcript by Newsy