Newsy Now: March 25

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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. ...
BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy. This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In breaking news -- Indianapolis police have apprehended a shooter who began firing at a middle school this morning injuring one person. The attack took place around 7:30, WRTV was first on the scene. ANCHOR: “The state police are on the scene. Morgan County dispatch has confirmed there has been a shooting that Garfield West Middle School. The newspaper is confirming one person it was shot and that person was shot in the stomach and also we know that one been taken into custody. The school is on a lockdown, these are live shots from the scene.” In world news — three workers at Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant were injured after getting exposed to extreme levels of radiation — 10,000 times higher than normal. But, as Al Jazeera reports, their heroic actions have now led to a more contained nuclear problem. “Authorities say the workers stepped into pools of contaminated water, as they try to lay cables to bring power to one of the damaged reactors. Fears of a catastrophic meltdown of radioactive material now appear to be receding. Experts say two of the reactors are now safe, four remain volatile.” Still in world news — after a grueling debate among its 28 member countries, NATO is now taking charge of the international military action in Libya. But euronews says NATO’s control may eventually expand. “...the alliance has limited its actions to enforcing the no-fly zone and arms embargo and protecting civilians against attack by Gaddafi’s forces. The coalition will remain responsible for all other aspects of the operation. ... Though NATO will not be taking full military command in Libya, the alliance may yet play a larger part. Turkey’s Foreign Minister says talks are already under way about broadening NATO’s role.” In entertainment -- Harvey Weinstein is making Colin Firth’s role as a stuttering King George IV -- more family-friendly. He’s re-releasing “The King’s Speech” with a PG-13 rating and cutting out the curse words. WTVT reports after 7 Golden Globes, 14 BAFTAs, and 12 Academy Awards -- some are calling it -- censorship. REPORTER: “Because of the language, the new cut will open April 1st, and the star Colin Firth doesn't like this. He stars as King George, whose angry swearing fit helps him overcome his speech problem. Firth says the film should stand as it is. And I understand, because the words that causing this is not a word we use. It's not a good word.” Finally -- it was in 1991 when Whoopi Goldberg won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress -- except she wasn't just high on life when accepting that Oscar. TMZ explains it all. REPORTER: Whoopi Goldberg was stoned when she accepted her Academy Award. VOICE: Yes, the Whoopster was whacked out on the whacky tobaccy when she accepted her academy award in 1991 for ‘Ghost.’ GOLDBERG: I've got to relax. I smoked this wonderful joint. It was the last of my homegrown. And, honey, when he said my name and I popped up, I thought, oh, [expletive]. REPORTER 2: Could you tell? REPORTER: Once you know, you could totally tell. Stay with Newsy**** for more analysis on news throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Jim Flink -- highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your stream. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.