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Download it : *******myfileworld****/Henriette90612/Ninja Steps To Follow after installation of hack tool ...
Download it : *******myfileworld****/Henriette90612/Ninja Steps To Follow after installation of hack tool Level Bypass (level will NOT be saved but you can level up fast if you are low level and do lvl 60 missions) Note If you are near level 20 or near level 40, do not level up too much as you need to complete the exams before leveling, or you will get ERROR if you exceeded the required level for the exams. Steps 1. Open your Ninja Saga then choose a character then click play. 2. Open Your Cheat Engine then target your browser (note if you are using firefox select plugin-container.exe). 3. Scan 4bytesASROM then put your current money then click scan. 4. Go to ninja saga shop then buy a smoke bomb then click X in the upper right. 5. Back in cheat engine, put your new money now then click next scan. 6. Do this until 1 address found. 7. Double click the result (you will notice that the address is xxxxxx78). 8. change the Address from xxxxxx78 to xxxxxxAC then click ok. The value will be your current level. 9. Change the value to 60. pwnthis**** 10. go to ACADEMY, KAGE ROOM, RECRUIT FRIENDS, SHOP or HUNTING building then enjoy (If you will bought something you need gold for it)(if you buy something in the shop it will have an error but it'll be saved. You can also go Challenge a Friend that is higher level than you. 11. repeat step 9-10 if your level revert back or you can click Freeze. pwnthis**** This cheat allows you to do higher level missions so it will be good to use it with the 100% critical cheat that is STILL WORKING. - Ninja Saga 100% Critical Cheat Gold Hack(Daily Task)(Not 100% as it depends on your reward) 1. You must have a Daily Task (the one that requires you to complete 4 MISSIONs (if it is not MISSION task, just refresh the page)). 2. Complete 4 Missions but dont claim the Daily task. 3. Refresh The Page. Then Play your character. 4. Do the Level Bypass Cheat above. 5. But Change the Value to 75000 (instead of 60) 6. Claim the Reward. if you get exp it will have an ERROR. But still not banned. But unfortunately, the daily task is gone pwnthis**** 7. If you are lucky and get gold for the reward, it will be saved. Just click ok.