Say "NENİKAKAMEN"/Lose weight and don't take again

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Hello, I just want to share some of my resarches on giving weight with your esteemed side be cause I think ...
Hello, I just want to share some of my resarches on giving weight with your esteemed side be cause I think it may be of help to Hello, I just want to share some of my resarches on giving weight with your esteemed side be cause I think it may be of help to this big and chronical problem of our time.Before showing you how to lose weight I want to explain you how to keep it because this is the biggest trick of being slim in all your life actually.What you have to do is after about 7-8.oo pm you will eat only foods like yoghurt kefir or milk with small amounts of wholewheat bread or bulghur that will keep you full and stop your wishing food. because proteins only make you feel full and stop your desire for eating . If you eat salads or fruits or carbohydrate group foods like rice,cakes etc they will not stop your hunger.So if you can turn this to a continious habit gradually then you have already solved the 70% of the problem.And if you say that you can not do this then do not start to losing weigt because it is useless and you will gain it back very soon.If u think u will do this then be ready to say "NENİKAKAMEN" which means we won in old Greek told by the first marathon runner of the world after running 40 km to inform his people that they gained the war. So now let's pass to how you will lose weight.Actually as you know giving weight medically is described as burning more calories then you take.Here is the first and easiest way for anybody who has time: WALKING If you walk 18 km /day you lose 500 grams. 18 kms is a distance which you walk in 3 hours.So your next step is to determine a destination which takes 1,5 hour going and of course 1,5 hour takes coming back and this makes 3 hours.When you determine the place which is 9 km away from your house it is not a problem if you walk slowly or sit and rest somewhere on the way(may be aliitle massage to your legs).So as not to quit you must walk when there is no sun soearly in the morning or late afternoon because sun makes you very tired and this may cause you quit walking..If you are not conditioned you may begin walking 1 hour daily 1/2 hour going,1/2 hour coming and gradually you will have the condition.During the walkyou may carry water with lemon juice to get rid of the acidty of your stomach and whenever you want food if you drink this you will not want to eat. This is free and a guarantee method of giving 15 kgs(30 pounds) a month.I will tell you some other surprising ways of losing weight at home. One is studying a language very hard. Yes it does, if you say that you will speak a language in 15 days at least to communicate daily and study 8 hours/day at home you will see that your brain burns energy just as if you are running. Another way is taking long and very cold showers .When the body tries to come back to its normal heat you lose a lot of calories and weight especially in winter. This is a very very risky way because if u dont put on very thick clothes ,if your room temparature is not warm enough and if you dont dry yourself very very well with a towel you may even die. So you must do this gradually and very slowly if you want to lose weight in this way. So lastly what I can say to you is try to apply a defatted lacto-ovo vegetarian nutrition to be slim and healthy like Japanese people.You can see my advices on natural diet and improving your metabolism in my vids LONGEVITY/HOW ZARO AĞA(AGHA) LIVED 160 YEARS ***********/watch?v=abTSq_SALc0 Getting Over DM Type 2 - Part 1 ***********/watch?v=tvCTNQISFfk HOW TO LIVE 160 YEARS LIKE ZARO AGHA/2PHOTOS(EUROPE&USA) ***********/watch?v=UVCBCuX3vjw GETTING OVER CANCER Part 1 ***********/watch?v=OhY74q9cigY ***********/watch?v=s1dx_2T2S90 because it will be long if I explain here.All that I explain here is written as a text near the video.If you want you can read. Best Regards Tags:Diet**** weight loss challenge vlog diary ilana 7 Ben Folds diet nutrisystem slim down lose Lose weight in Photoshop (makeover) Thanksgiving weight loss tips Sweet Tea Films sweetteafilms Southern Samplin' clean comedy trailer park Shortstop Kelvin Duball Diet**** Weight Loss Challenge Vlog (Week 7): Road Trip (more) (less) Tags: Diet Weight Loss tips obesity obese slim down