Outline of a Teenager: The Movie Part One

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This is the storyline. Alex O'Malley dreams of dancing during the opening credits. She wakes up with a smi...
This is the storyline. Alex O'Malley dreams of dancing during the opening credits. She wakes up with a smile on her face, and then goes out to get the mail. Meanwhile Joe, Kevin, and Nick Lucas have just begun getting everything together after coming back from a fun but tiring summer tour. The next day Alex and her friend Tammy go through school and see that not much has changed. Alex sees her friends and laughs because Joe is telling a funny joke. Skipping to Saturday, Chad and Sonny have a date which turns out to be more fun than they expected. If only Alex and Justin Russo were the same as they were. Alex is feeling too overwhelmed with her life and thinks that breaking up with Justin is the best thing to do. So she does. Justin is confused and heartbroken as she leaves. Alex is determined to get over Justin, so she and Tammy go to prom. They see everyone dancing so Alex decides to dance as well with a mysterious masked dancer... A year later, life is good! ( I had to change it, because Troy & Gabby can't be in college THAT fast). For the most part that is. Gabriella's sending Troy love notes in their college class, Gabriella accepts Troy’s marriage proposal, and Michelle, Alex, and Sonny are loving life. Alex's dancing spark has come back again. Unfortunately nothing really lasts forever. Nick is caught between his two good friends Sonny and Chad who are fighting like crazy these days and Stella is angry with him as well. Alex sees Stella and Nick from the stairs and feels sorry for him, because he’s her friend too. Nick is frustrated with having to pick sides as shown in the next scene. The next night Sonny and Chad go for a drive (my attempt, lol) to try and pick up the pieces of their relationship. That's all for now. The other part I had to cut in half because the entire thing is over ten minutes. So stay tuned! Program used: Sony Vegas 7