Telly Leather Chair by Cattelan Italia

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*******www.spacify****/modern_contemporary_telly_leather_chair_by_cattelan_italia-925-856-Cat.Telly.html Th...
*******www.spacify****/modern_contemporary_telly_leather_chair_by_cattelan_italia-925-856-Cat.Telly.html The Telly Chair is pure solidified Italian art etched in metal and leather. The unique pro-nature blend of metal and leather incorporates a certain degree of fine artistic appeal. In fact the Telly Chair is a wonderful piece of utility furniture with a fine sense of appeal elegance and contemporary style. Together the Telly Chair presents a fine taste of Italian art. The unique ergonomic design concentrates on unfettered space within the seating area and strong metallic legs for unwavering support. The Telly Chair is designed by Elena and Guido Catellan and is sourced from Catellan Italia. The base and frame are made of chrome steel. The frame of the chair flows continuously in an L shape to give the unique modern look and feel. The upper edge of the backrest and the front edge of the seating space are ergonomically curved like the beak of an eagle. This aspect of the design makes sure that the user`s legs do not hurt roughly behind the knees. The overall structure of the chair is supported by arachnid-like legs that stem from a common point that opens upward like a little flower. The Telly Chair is available both in leather and crocodile leather in colors mentioned below.