TIGER M - Piano Passions (Original Mix)

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Well, well, well. =) This song is one dear to my heart as it covers a portion of my life I am most pr...
Well, well, well. =) This song is one dear to my heart as it covers a portion of my life I am most proud of: The Piano! ^_^ When I was younger, my mother, my younger sister, my youngest brother and my 3 stepbrothers all played the piano. =) My father and my eldest stepbrother would sometimes listen in and comment and much of the time, the attention and kind words received was much of the reason and part of the spirit which very likely is what guides me to still enjoy playing to this day. =) This song, like all of my music between 2005 and 2010 [this completed in 2009] is a song of my heart. The production was done in the the-new-to-me Program Kinetic 2 after having used Cakewalk the original Kinetic, Sony ACID PRO sounds & Audacity for editing in 2005 and the years following up to 2009. The transition partly inspired the creation of this song. =) The "BrightPiano" VST instrument is actually what drove an influence for me to base a song completely off of a piano for the very first time in my life on a software-driven instrument... up until this point I had not even realized that such a rich sound could be produced from a computer program. Indeed! The Computer had seemed to master the piano for the very 1st time that I had ever heard and to say the least -- as a pianist... I was MORE than impressed... especially after adding rhythms and back up synths to this initially all classical track! =) On that matter... this is what I honestly consider to be a song of genre called "New Age" which one of my elder brothers [the one who owned the Conservatory while we were growing up] would often listen to -- mostly through "The Narada Collection." Since I do not see "New Age" listed here on Newgrounds, I decided to place this astoundingly obscure-and-uptempo-dance-classical track into the classical section of New Grounds. =) Later, I may release the version without the uptempo rhythms which has a more "laid back" or "chillout" effect that is more "true and proven" to classical music. However... for now simply consider this a "Vanessa Mae" sort of outlook for a TIGER M track. =) Unorthodoxed? You betchya! ^_^ Wretched/ I doubt it but you're open to your own opinion. =) While my sister and brothers did-and-do indeed compose their own music thus far this is the only music outside of "The Majied House" which has been heard on the internet... thus far at least [I hope not for too much longer! They're equally talented--if not even more so when it comes to composing! =D] While growing up, We seemed to feed from one another and sometimes play the piano in turns showing off our newly thought out original pieces in addition to the classical and jazz songs our instructor would teach us at lesson time! =) Our instructor was none other than our mother and elder stepbrother who later went on to open his own Conservatory. =) My mother, bless her awesome angel-heart, had a background in playing actively for churches, groups and old-folks homes as both a pianist and a vocalist--so this song brings out a LOT of VERY GOOD memories for me! =D I surely hope it will do the same for You Too! =D Stay awesome and enjoy your "Piano Passions" practiced or not! =D Forever In Love With All That Which Exists (That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown), -DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Eternal Student & Being of Existence, -TIGER M [SOAY!! Saturday! =D] -8:23 AM (4/23/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House, U.S.A.] Who Is TIGER M? O.O *******www.tigerm**** Angel Arc & Company