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1)There is the heated controversy regarding whether Nanking Massacre happened actually or not among histori...
1)There is the heated controversy regarding whether Nanking Massacre happened actually or not among historian groups. This incident called "Nanking Massacre" is thought to have occured in December of 1937 during Japan-Sino War. Nanking was the then capital city of China. Nanking was fallen by Japanese troops on Dec.13 of 1937. At that time, Chinese Army could not express any intention to surrender to Japanese Army. Though Chiang Kai-sheki commanding Army of Chinese Nationalist Party ordered Chinese soldiers to strive to defend Nanking from Japanese Army, he secretly escpaed from Nanking by plain on Dec.7, 1 week before the fall of Nanking and he left Chinese Army behind. There was Tang Shengzhi appointed 'the commander of Nanking' by Chiang Kai-sheki, however, he also escpaed from Nanking with leaving Chinese soldeirs behind. When Japanese troops entered Nanking castle, Chinese Army without the commander was fell into confusion. Most of Chinese soldiers abandoned arms, changed into cibvilian's clothes and ran into the safty zone in Nanking. 2)China insists that more than 300,000 people were slaughtered by Japanese Army at the fall of Nanking. Is this the fact or not? When Japanese Army entered Nanking, more than 120 pressmen were embedded with Japanese Army. However, nobody took such a picture as to prove Japanese Army slaughtered 300,000 people. It is certain that China government shows so many pictures of Atrocity and insists on Nanking Massacre. Those pictures that China government shows are true or not? In these 10 years, Japanese histrian groups inspected each picture that China shows as evidence of Nanking Massacre. As a result of their inspection of 30,000 pieces of pictures, it turned out that there is not a picture to be able to prove Japanese Army's Atrocity at all. 3) We should think where the origin of Nanking Massacre is. I think this origin is "The Battle of China". This is so-called War-time propaganda film and was directed by Frank Capra in 1944 during the World War 2. The purpose of this film was to implant anti-Japan feelings into American people. But it is the most serious thing that...even now after the war ended, China has been spreading the strong hatred against Japan to the world by utilizing this "The Battle of China". China's true purpose of this black propaganda is to spread the strong hatred against not only Japan Imperialism but also each Japanese person of all Japanese including from 1 years old baby to over 80 years old person as if China wants to insist that DNA of Japanese race is a born inferiority and evil. Iris Chnag's "The Rape of Nanking" turned out to be "The Fake of Nanking". *******tamagawaboat.wordpress****/