$50 - Infidelity Lie Detector Test - Infidelity Polygraph $50

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*******www.50waystocatchacheatingspouse****/easyway-tocatchcheatingspouse/way-to-catch-cheating-spouse-portable-handheld-lie-detector/ a giant part of cheating is lying. In fact if you are being cheated on the most frequent bad behavior the person cheating on you engages in is not the cheating itself but the lying. Cheating and lying to go hand-in-hand. Well for $60 you can get your hands on a portable and accurate lie detector device. It is a handheld polygraph test and what is fantastic about it is even works over the phone which makes for even more accurate results because the person you are testing and won't know they are being tested. the way this infidelity polygraph device works is it measures stress in a person's voice. Here is the correct way to use it for accurate results. First to establish a baseline for which her boyfriend or girlfriends and normal voice stress levels are during a couple of phone conversations with them use this device to create a baseline profile of them. In other words you are showing this portable lie detector mechanism what the person's normal voices like. Then when you want to see if they are lying asked them questions over the phone about things they may lie about holding this device to the phone. This infidelity polygraph will accurately tell you if that person is lying or not.