RAW Crane Falls Crashes Drops Swimming Pool On House Roof Shorev

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SHOREVIEW, Minn. -- A home improvement project went terribly wrong when a crane fell on a home in Shoreview...
SHOREVIEW, Minn. -- A home improvement project went terribly wrong when a crane fell on a home in Shoreview. Crews were trying to install a fiberglass pool in the homeowners backyard when the crane came crashing down onto the house, causing the truck to tip up into the air. "I was standing back, because I didn't want to be directly underneath it," Peter Krause said. Krause of Advantage Electric was one of the two electricians on site. Krause pulled out his phone to record the tub, as it slowly made its way over the house. It was to be lowered and installed in the backyard. Bringing the tub around the house wasn't an option. Krause captured the crane tipping over and crashing onto the garage portion of the house. He later uploaded the video to YouTube. (Be warned about offensive language used between 2:13 - 2:24 in the video). "He was just shaking in his boots, he was scared," Krause said. "I just heard the guy scream, and as soon as he yelled, I heard a noise, I knew something was wrong, I turned and ran." The garage roof was destroyed and the top of the chimney was sliced. The tub came crashing down on a backyard fence. The crane company, Truck Crane Service, told the homeowner, who did not want to be interviewed, that a computer error is to blame for the mishap. They said there was a lot of margin between the pools weight, and what the crane could handle. No one was hurt in the accident. The homeowner says the crane company is doing everything to make things right, including covering the costs of the damages. The tub was placed in the ground, and only suffered a crack in the fall. The job should be completed soon.