Self-Defense Workout: Hip Escape - Women's Fitness

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Self-Defense Workout: Hip Escape - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. So we are going ...
Self-Defense Workout: Hip Escape - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. So we are going to take a look at the hip escape, which is an essential movement for self-defense on the ground for any kind of ground fighting. It is really the core of jijitsu training. And the hip escape is very important for what is called recovering your guard, which is really the best offensive position you can be in on your back. So, as I come in to try to get what is called side control on Nicole, to control her body on the side, she is going to use her arms first to push me away. So she is going to be here, right by my shoulders, so that if I come in close her forearm will actually choke me, and she is going to push against my hip. So, as she does that, she is going to go onto her hip here, her inside hip, as she pushes me. This is going to create some space for her bottom knee to come through. She is going to bring that knee through, move her entire body there, and now I am in what is called Nicoles' guard, ok, here. This is a position where she can be offensive and defensive as well if she knows submissions, if she knows how to be effective from this position. So, this is much better than me being on top of Nicole which gives me a lot more control. So, one more time. Back to the side position. I am here. I come to try to get control, to hold Nicole down inside. She is going to push here with both her arms, go onto her side, get that bottom knee through, and recover her guard here, locking her ankles, crossing her ankles behind my back, like this. So, if you are practicing the hip escape on your own, you can do it in place here. So, you are going to see she is going to control her body. She is going to move from hip to hip. Go ahead. There. Supporting her weight on her leg as she moves, really using her entire body: her arms, her legs, her core. It is an excellent technique. You can do it either in place or sliding down the mat for a little bit extra cardio. So, the hip escape, very effective for self-defense, but also a great fitness exercise for your entire body.