WALTER BENJAMIN LIVE! Storytelling, Part 2

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WALTER BENJAMIN LIVE! "storytelling", part 2. The writings of Walter Benjamin are a bridge linking ...
WALTER BENJAMIN LIVE! "storytelling", part 2. The writings of Walter Benjamin are a bridge linking the Jewish hassidic mysticism of Nachman of Breslav with today's secular avant garde cultural scene. In this 102 minute video my project is to bring to life Benjamin's essays "The Storyteller" and "Unpacking My Library", by making use of Gestalt Therapy dreamwork that I personally do on one of my own dreams. The dreamwork serves as a means to illustrate how Walter Benjamin's ideas find expression in typical human situations. My main thesis is to demonstrate that what Gestalt Therapists label "dreamwork" is one example of what Walter Benjamin labels "storytelling", what Nachman of Breslav labels "torah" or "prayer", and what Bertold Brecht labels "epic theater". In this dreamwork (or storytelling or dvar torah or prayer or brechtian theater performance) I am dealing primarily with my relationship to my deceased father, Henry Wepner, may his soul rest in peace even in spite of my artistic shenanigans. Benjamin was a colleague of both theater director Bertold Brecht and Torah scholar Gershom Scholem. Benjamin's work relies heavily upon Nachman of Breslav's "Collected Essays" ("Likutei Moharan"), which fall within the Platonic stream of dialectical thinking. I like to think of Nachman of Breslav, Walter Benjamin, Fritz Perls and Lee Breuer (of the Mabou Mines Theater) as "rebbes of the avant garde". This project combines new dreamwork on my own life with excerpts from 20 hours of my other videos, and also with fragments of 1500 pages of my essays, all of which you can find in their original complete form at my website. TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD ALL MY VIDEOS OR ESSAYS (ALL AT NO CHARGE), PLEASE VISIT MY WEBSITE: franklynwepner****. ALSO PLEASE NOTE MY NEW EMAIL ADDRESS, IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH ME ANY COMMENTS ABOUT MY WORK: fwepearthlink****. IN THE LISTING OF VIDEOS THE LETTERS (HQ) REFER TO A HIGHER QUALITY VERSION OF THE VIDEO, WHICH IS AVAILABLE TO YOU IF YOUR COMPUTER CAN HANDLE IT.