M3M Merlin Sector 67 Gurgaon Price List Rate Floor Plan Review P

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Call Arun +919560214267. M3M. For Expertise. Your Joy. The Group, M3M stands for Magnificence inh the trin...
Call Arun +919560214267. M3M. For Expertise. Your Joy. The Group, M3M stands for Magnificence inh the trinity of Men, Materials and Money M3M India Limited — A Class Apart! A Real Estate Company with impeccable taste and style M3M India Ltd., the 215' century visionary real estate developer, proposes to be the creator of idyllichigh-end city developments in the country by building classic designer projects. Established underthe futuristic leadership of Mr. Basant Bansal, Chairman & Managing Director, with the valuablesupport of his brother Mr. Roop Bansal, Director, M3M India Ltd. is poised to achieve the coredistinguishing factors within the Industry, which are its innovative, unique & unparallel concepts,multi dimensional reality solutions, and unmatched high service standards. Showing itscommitment towards developing state- of-art real estate masterpieces, M3M has always strived togarnerthe best talentintheindustry. The Company has gained real estate expertise with diverse and complimentary talents from a richnetwork of top notch Financial Institutions, High Net worth Individuals and some of the most reputeddevelopers in India. M3M India Ltd's first project M3M GOLF ESTATE in Gurgaon, has been valued at more than USD 1.5 Billion on completion. M3M Group's latest commercialventure, M3M URBANA is a “California-like" design ofthe consumer friendly retail spaces and sophisticated office spaces that resemble "Manhattan" at the prime localeof Gurgaon. M3M Group also announced the launch of M3M COSMOPOLITAN, one of India's finestretail and commercial hub in Gurgaon. The project, which will be designed using a uniquearchitectural philosophy, will redefine Gurgaon's retail and commercial landscape that will rival some oftheworld's best retailavenues. M3M, a name synonymous with quality & reliability in Real Estate Industry, having in—depth connection with Architects, Financial Institutions and Business Houses, is ready to alterthe skyline ofthe National Capital Region [NCR],with a specialfocus on Gurgaon. M3M is striving to set new benchmarks of quality in contemporary architecture & planning andproposes to develop world class edifices in strategic partnerships with International level companiesensuringa globalpresence. M3M footprints are spread across the following verticals: Q M3M Life- Through constant pursuit ofjoy in creation, the M3M Group aims to contribute to thecreation of a happy, networked society that is rewarding and secure. M3M seek to bring about aprosperous future that fulfills dreams and brings happiness to all our customers & investorsOffering “never experienced" high class luxury condominiums & Villas amid maximum open space, to the extent of 110%, for natural elements with world class amenities and a most luxurious living experience located at prime locations. ~ M3M Biz —The group have prime commercial & retail space and we are developing the country'smost luxurious shopping destinations, the most sophisticated offices. We have already embarked on ourfirst venture in the prime location of Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR. M3M Zone —The M3M Group had embarked on IT/ ITES SEZs development, located in the heart ofGurgaon. With excellent connectivity and wide frontage, it is a prime SEZs being developedwith one of the world's leading telecom players. There are also large areas of land available forIT parks. M3M Learn - Cities require good schools and educational institutes. This is exactly why M3M havelarge blocks of land in institutional zones. These zones are in close proximity to primeresidentialareas ¢ M3M Joy- M3M Group have tie-ups with renowned operating hospitality partners along with aptly located and conducive land to be developed into hotels. ' M3M Global- The group have plans to expand our business through international alliances in UK, USA, Middle East etc. M3M believes that the following are its principal competitive strengths: M3M India Limited is a 100% debt free company promising a luxurious lifestyle on over 500 acres of land, inthe heart ofGurgaon. All the proposed projects of M3M have clear land titles & requisite approvals ensuring noimpedimenttostartdevelopmentwork. Strong networkwith intermediaries, governmentagencies, localdevelopers and landowners. ' All M3M sites are at locations, which are in high demand, have tremendous development potential and are commerciallyviable. v An organization which believes in the ethos oftransparency & corporate governance. ' Abilityto identify emerging trends in customer requirements and a strong marketing network. Emphasis on building niche, world class innovative projects ¢ M3M is promoted and managed by a select team of best known professionals, having in depth understanding of the Real Estate Sector including experts from diverse fields such asEngineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Hotel Management, Law and otherManagementDisciplines. By adopting & adhering to global standards for its customers, M3M is positioned to occupya place ofpride in the reality development industry. Introducing the best of global designs and practices,creative but functional and practicing innovation utilising services of world renowned architects andengineers, M3M is erecting buildings in harmony with environs and aesthetically pleasing withdramatic landscapes and impressive facades. With the aim to enhance the image of the nation by creating world class projects, M3M promises "Togive the nation new horizons by expanding one idea into a concept of unimaginable advantages andoffer a plethora of services and projects. M3M India Ltd intends to feature as the connoisseur ofimpeccable taste and magnificence in real estate." M3M Life caters to designer living spaces and high life NB The first venture of this is the luxurious M3M Golf Estate situated in the heart of Gurgaon M3M Biz caters to the commercial and retail needs of the society The ventures of this vertical are M3M Urbana & M3M NOW ENTERS THE DRAGON WITH STYLE & CLASS... M3M presents M3M Merlin SINGAPORE STYLE WORLD-CLASS APARTMENTS