The Loving Nature of Birds December 11, 2010 Cancún, Mexico

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*******SupremeMasterTV**** –The Loving Nature of Birds December 11, 2010 Cancún, Mexico. Episode: 1725, Air...
*******SupremeMasterTV**** –The Loving Nature of Birds December 11, 2010 Cancún, Mexico. Episode: 1725, Air Date: 5 June 2011. Script You do like this, honey: out, down. Yes. (*Okay.) Take some more, as much as you want, go that much. Then you can do it like this. *I think it's the last one. Yes, take the part that you like. Thank you. That's for you guys. Just accompanying, there's some soup here. *Thank you. Yes, just put it anywhere, honey. They'll reach it, don't worry. Wherever you put, they'll see it. Just like the birds outside, you know, they're far away, but when I spread the bread, they're all flying, quickly come. But the bird today, what did you call the name, that black bird with the neck like turkeys'? *Zopilote (vulture). Zopilote (vulture)? (* Yes.) Big, you know. (*Big, very big.) Very big. *They do circle like that. Yes? I didn't know that. He just goes straight to my balcony, sits next to me, like arm's length, like this, and he's not afraid of me at all. (*Yes.) I was thinking, “I've never seen such a bird in my life!” you know? Maybe it's typical in Mexico, right? (Yes, yes.) My God. Thank God we still have them. *North Mexico and South Mexico, it's very typical, yes. I don't know why he just came straight to me like he knew I was sitting there. I was reading a document, you know, was movement and not just not-movement, and I had big hat on. And I was so curious, I was thinking, “My God! What kind of bird is that? So curious. And I said, “You want some bread?” You know, he didn't say nothing much. And then he said, “Can try.” So I came in. When I stood up, he got a little scared and so he went a few meters away instead. And then when I came out, I spread the bread over there and I went back to sit in the chair; he came back, same position, staring at my nose like that. *He must think you're a beautiful bird. I was thinking, “He's a rare bird,” but for a Chinese blonde, for him, I'm rare. So he was thinking, “Oh!” He probably made some videotape for his television. I am photographing him and he's “videotaping” me for his 6 o'clock news, birdie television Yes, he really was not afraid at all. Yes, so beautiful and big. How come they're not afraid? Because people are friendly to him in Mexico or they are just very friendly as birds? *Normally they don't get close to people. Are you kidding? He sits right here, like here distance. You know, the balcony outside here is very, very narrow, about like one meter, and I sit on my chair and he's just on the balcony there, right in front of me. He deliberately goes there, because he could “park” elsewhere, you know. [ He could park on the swimming pool nearby or on top of me even. *He wanted a closer look at you. Yes, probably blonde, you know? *Maybe he wants to sing mariachi. What? *Sing mariachi or something. I want to sing. Oh, my God! He's so beautiful. I was so grateful that he showed me such a trust, you know? And I was thinking, maybe because Mexican birds are like that, because all the birds, they also come to eat almost from my hand. I'd never seen them before! These birds every day I feed. If they're near, they just come down right away and eat in front of me, like an open restaurant. *South Mexico, there are a lot of very bright colored birds, yes. Yes, yes, a lot of them here because they protect the environment around here in Cancún. (Yes.) You see, you can hear them. You see them? - a lot. (*Yes, it's a lot.) But this big bird, he scared me, you know? When he went straight, I was thinking he'd just fly from afar and when he'd go near, he'd just land there quietly. I was thinking maybe he'd just fly straight on my shoulder. It seemed like that. But no, he landed on the balcony and just looked at me. I said, “I love you so much. My, you're so beautiful, beautiful.” He's really beautiful. It's really a good day today. The birds visit, two, you know? Two, one parked nearby and one parked just in front of me. I'm sure he “videotaped” me and aired it on his 6 o'clock news; birdie television, you know? Bird TV. Because he'd never seen it before… “Chinese blonde!” He'd probably introduce in his TV: “Beloved audience, Chinese I've seen a lot, but this one, blonde Chinese, I tell you, I have never seen it in my life! Have a look at her. You never learn enough, you know? You thought you have seen it all, but you haven't.” Yes, so cute. That's really made my day, the bird, you know? I really love that bird. The neck is all wrinkled, rough, like turkey. (*Yes.) Yes. The head also, all bald, bald, but the whole body is full of hair. Maybe he liked my hat, big hat. *He managed to find you. Like you said, probably he just wants to capture you fully so he can go back and broadcast to his species. Broadcast to the whole bird TV. (*Live.) Live. (* Live broadcasting.) Live from Cancún, straight from COP16, freshly emerged from Moon Palace.