Bankruptcy Lawyer Provo -Can I File Bankruptcy if I've Been Sued

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Provo Utah. Visit *******www.provoutahbankruptcylawyers****/ for more information about ...
Bankruptcy Lawyers Provo Utah. Visit *******www.provoutahbankruptcylawyers****/ for more information about filing bankruptcy in Provo, UT. In this video, Corey discusses if you can still file bankruptcy even if you've been sued. For more bankruptcy help, visit *******www.provoutahbankruptcylawyers****/ Provo Bankruptcy Questions and Answers Can I file bankruptcy even if I have been sued? If you’ve been sued and you’re worried about whether or not that prevents you from filing a bankruptcy, don’t worry. It does not. If you’re in a bankruptcy you do have to tell your lawyer about it so they’re aware of it. They need to make sure that they understand how that bankruptcy might impact that lawsuit. But there is one thing you need to be aware of. If you’ve been sued because you did something criminal you’re not going to be able to bankrupt out of any liability because of presumed criminal acts. So anything that’s not done criminally –even if it’s negligently criminal, you’re not going to be able to get out of those types of debts– anything else doesn’t matter. Even if you’re being sued civilly you’re still going to be able to file bankruptcy. So if you have been sued and you’re thinking that might be something that you’re going to have to deal with in your future, go get a consultation now so that you’re prepared and you know when to pull the trigger if necessary.