AutoVolume - Top IPhone Music App to Have While Using Music Player, Best Music App to Automatically Adjust Volume

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*******AutoVolumeApp**** - Forget about not hearing the music and constantly pushing the volume buttons! Au...
*******AutoVolumeApp**** - Forget about not hearing the music and constantly pushing the volume buttons! AutoVolume will adjust the volume level depending on the noise outside. It is also able to instantly lower the volume when talking or noise is heard (limiter), making it useful in office where sudden attention is needed. Think of a world where music is always playing at the correct volume level.. You'll never have to touch the volume buttons again! You can forget about not hearing the music! You can talk to your friend while listening music! You can listen music where sudden attention is required! Use it while traveling on noisy transport that is constantly making stops, walking on loud streets or in office. Why use it on transport? Because the music is too loud when the vehicle is not moving.. And then it's too quiet to hear anything while the vehicle is on the move! If you don't do anything and simply pump up the volume it will be irritating for your ears and people around you too! How it works: AutoVolume will constantly measure the outside noise level with the iPhone's built in microphone and then gracefully adjust the music volume depending on the noise outside and your personal settings (signal-to-noise characteristic). Two main mode: Amplifier mode (volume adapts to the outside noise) Office mode (volume drops to the noise outside) Features: Change characteristics of signal-to-noise ratio with your finger tips Change volume fader speed and increment (have the volume gracefully adjusted) Change threshold (set your preferences of sensitivity) Change sampling speed and duration (for reaction speed and averaging) Choose between different averaging methods (simple average or Median average) Use MicTouch protection (no more false volume inputs while switching songs) Use different profiles (edit, save and load configurations quicly for different situations) Use Hold at Minimum function (volume remains low for a pre-configured amount of seconds) Built in Music player (access your iPod library right from the app) Requirements: You will need to be wearing your headphones with integrated microphone. Requires OS 3.1 or above For more information please visit *******AutoVolumeApp****