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*******www****booknews**** Budget cuts are still taking place in schools all over the world and netbooks ar...
*******www****booknews**** Budget cuts are still taking place in schools all over the world and netbooks are dropping in price making them attractive alternatives. Before the economic down turn UC Berkeley spent the money to build in audio visual equipment into the language labs but the budget got cut right before the final piece of the puzzle was purchased. All the teachers at UC Berkeley needed was a netbook, a laptop, a computer to make sure of the screen and projectors built into the classrooms. Enter Toshiba, who generously donated 3 netbooks to the Spanish and Portuguese department to help them make the most of time in the language lab. The question is what exactly do they do with the netbooks? How does each classroom actually share the resources of 1 netbook with 20 students? Getting creative with just one computer has been the challenge for many teachers in search of a lesson plan. Language lab instructor Juan Caballero has broken down exactly what programs he uses and how the students use the netbook to engage their peers. So how are single netbook’s making a difference in the classroom? The students make power point presentation for the classroom and present on various topics in Spanish or Portugese using the projector as a visual aid Class materials are show rather then printed out or shown on an over head projector Make full use of online and next generation textbooks which often include audio and video files Transcribing oral presentations and then facilitating class discussions regarding grammar If you want to see exactly how this comes together Caballero has shot a video demonstrating how he uses his Toshiba netbook.