Cap. 10, El Garante [Collateral Man]

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El Garante [Collateral Man], con Leo Sbaraglia y Lito Cruz. "El Garante" fue la mejor miniserie que...
El Garante [Collateral Man], con Leo Sbaraglia y Lito Cruz. "El Garante" fue la mejor miniserie que produjo la televisión argentina. Fue emitida por primera vez en el año 1997. Lo siguiente es una transcripción de la descripción que hizo el usuario de youtube**** "JML4478"; Next part is a transcription of the description that made the youtube's user "JML4478": <<10th part from EL GARANTE (aka COLLATERAL MAN) the most awarded miniseries in Argentinean TV history. Awarded with 4 Martin Fierro, 3 Broadcasting Int'l, EMMY Finalist, NewYork int'l Fest Finalist, MIDIA nominee, and more. Aired in lots of countries, already remade in Chile, soon in Spain, Novelization in ENGLISH (Book at Amazon), translated into Spanish, English & Turkish. What happens when the Devil, tired of being deceived by reluctant signatories who refuse to hand in their souls at the moment of death, designs a new way to protect his 'business'? Martin Mondragon, a first generation American psychologist living in Manhattan, meets his foil when a suave stranger, Joe Sagasti, introduces himself as Satan's messenger with the mission of collecting an unpaid debt owed to the Devil by Martin's grandfather from Argentina. As the first male descendant, Martin is named in the contract as the guarantor of the agreement, the collateral man. Sagasti pressures Martin to surrender his soul to the powers of darkness with a single drop of his blood. When Mondragon refuses, Sagasti sets out to overcome Martin's resistance with a series of supernatural events which lead the young psychologist to understand how life can be more terrifying than death. Martin finds he must fight Hell itself to discover the one secret his grandfather never told him--how to beat the Devil himself.>>