Leveraging Biochar-Global Carbon Advisors, Experts in Using Terra Preta

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*******www.globalcarbonadvisors**** “We are at a turning point in our history. There are two paths to cho...
*******www.globalcarbonadvisors**** “We are at a turning point in our history. There are two paths to choose. One is a path…that leads to self interest and fragmentation. All the promises of our future point to another path..…solve our energy problem.” -Jimmy Carter, 39th U.S. President, Speech to the Nation, We have a carbon based green-house gas global problem The planet is warming The global population is exploding and soil erosion is accelerating Global Carbon Advisors is a company that has a solution that compliments the thrust for renewable energy; sustainable carbon management through the global use of BIOCHAR So how does Biochar help? Biochar fixes carbon as a soil nutrient and so removes carbon from becoming a warming contributing gas Well what is Biochar and how does it work? Biochar is highly porous, chemically stable, carbon-based soil addition that retains water, nutrients, and microorganisms resulting in improved soil productivity through increased crop yields and reduced chemical runoff from fertilisers In essence then Biochar sustainably increases crop yields and removes historical carbon dioxide emissions. Is Biochar a non-organic fertilizer? Biochar is not a fertilizer, it is a stable form of carbon and a permanent soil amendment. So how does Biochar become an efficient soil amendment? Biochar acts like a, moisture and nutrient, sponge in the soil. It is like a soil battery for nitrogen, water, microorganisms and minerals, and works best when mixed with your vermiculture or composting pile. What can biochar do? Including biochar in composting materials has been shown to increase crop yields, and increase applied nutrient use efficiency, meaning you can apply less fertilizer and get the same organic response, whilst using less water. This saves you both money and fresh water usage. Is Biochar Organic? Yes. Biochar is organic. It is National Organic Program Compliant and made from uncontaminated wood residues. How much Biochar do I need? If blending in compost, we suggest ranges between 10-25% by volume depending on intended use. How does Biochar remove carbon gases? 1 pound of manufactured biochar removes 3 pounds of CO2 from the planet When plants grow, they take carbon as CO2 out of the air and use it to grow ie build biomass. This carbon is then re-released into the air when the plant dies and rots or is burned to ash. But if made into biochar and added to soils, the carbon breaks down very slowly, over thousands of years. So, by making plant matter into biochar and putting it in the ground, you are not only enriching the soil, but also helping to remove or sequester carbon from atmosphere. If we were to employ this practice globally, we would contribute to reducing global warming and enriching our soil essential for efficient food production. The threat of climate change is directly linked to the quantities of greenhouse gases we emit into the atmosphere. It is important that individuals as well as companies and governments make efforts to reduce their emissions as much as possible. In addition to taking these actions, offsetting can provide a way to reduce total or aggregate emissions by supporting projects which reduce emissions beyond levels which would normally occur. If you are a company or an individual and you want to know more about Biochar then contact the global carbon advisors at their website. Leave them a message and they will contact you at your convenience. But don't wait, find out more how you can improve your life, your health, your soil, your planet and contribute to managing our precious global resources Looking forward to talking with you on this very exciting product www.globalcarbonadvisors****