Learn Quran to Read Tajweed Listening to Quran Online for Kids15

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listening to quran *******www.read-quranonline**** learn quran to read tajweed from live holy Quran tutor w...
listening to quran *******www.read-quranonline**** learn quran to read tajweed from live holy Quran tutor with beauty of recitation by the top reciter of world the holy quran must to read with the rule of tajweed which is the way and the kids will know that how to read and learn Quran in proper way of (Recitation) we teach Quran online visit for further information. *******www.learningquranonline**** And once when the Prophet (SAW) complimented Abu Moosaa al-Ash’ari on the beauty of his recitation, Abu Moosaa said “Had I known you were there, I would have made my voice more pleasant and emotional for you.”[Bukhari, Muslim] Let us remember, that the Qur’an is the word of Allah. In it we find exhortations, warnings, glad-tidings, parables, stories of the past, commands and prohibitions. Aayaat to make us think, reflect, cry, fear, hope, love, fall down in prostration! How can we recite all of 1 67586 www.islam-qa**** Reach the goal via Tajweed rule this without feeling!? When we recite an aayah of Qur’an we should imagine that we are trying to feel and convey the full message behind that aayah. Perhaps some of us don’t feel confident. I believe that this lack of confidence comes partly from not knowing the rules of Tajweed correctly and so fearing that we will make mistakes and partly from not understanding the meaning of what we are reciting. So let us work hard to remove these two obstacles by learning Tajweed and working towards learning Arabic.