Augustus Caesar - B.R.O - (Bach Rip Off)

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*******www.facebook****/augustuscaesarmusic *******twitter****/#!/augustus4caesar This is a cover of a pie...
*******www.facebook****/augustuscaesarmusic *******twitter****/#!/augustus4caesar This is a cover of a piece by composer J S Bach called prelude in D minor as played by guitarist Paul Gilbert on 1999 album Technical Difficulties. All guitars and vocals were performed by Augustus Caesar. Enjoy! B.R.O Niggaz best feel this I'm gonna kill it Call me a realist Just how I spill it Spit like an uzzi Make ya just loose it Emcees catch seizures They never seen this Tell em I'm Caesar Come here to please ya Suckers are hating me just for no reason Crocodile smile each time that I see them A phenomenon thats what they call me Is your armor on cause when I be ballin Spit lyrics like bullets haters thats what you get Turning me up you hearing me now Speakers are blowing up listening loud Head nod like a mad man doing it wild Swagga in check are ya flexing your style My voice in this music is taking a ride Somebody stop me its giving me life Do what I does I dare you try Forever nice till day that I die Till the death of me carefully ride my beats Never sleep syllables hit your jaw uppercut Rhyme so hard bust a nut lyrical samurai jack my style some will try all will fail