My Rant on Whats Happening in the Wireless MLM Niche

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******* This was a rant that I had with this one particular company we just call them...
******* This was a rant that I had with this one particular company we just call them company LY... Anyway I was talking with one of company alewives representatives and had no intention of recruiting him for my business. I was just saying what's up and he replied just on the phone doing three way with one of his leaders. He then asked me what was I doing? I said I'm selling my phones on eBay Amazon... He then asked what phones? And before I can get two words out of my mouth he immediately goes into this oh so your back with company LY... Congratulations he said until I said no LOL I then showed him my website... And with the cold refrain he then said those don't look like company LY'S websites because I showed him our main website and I wireless sub dealer website. He then goes on a rant old man you don't know which you miss with company LY he then went on to tell me that can compete with them and free phone service?.. And I said NLC INTERNATIONAL can because we have free phone service as well but the trick with us is that we don't have any hidden charges and you won't be stuck just a few selections of phones like i found out they ended up charging me almost $80 With what was supposed to be only $69 for phone service on a refurbished phone that only work for four weeks, and when I tried to return it they kept sending me back the same crappy phone. mind you he laughed when I told him that we could compete, but when I told him about our free service unlimited everything from $50. He then began to run into this spiel on how company LY was getting ready to go global. I laughed and then said NLC INTERNATIONAL already was international hence the name NLC INTERNATIONAL. Then he really get pissed off because NLC had checkmated every possible thing he could come up with my comparison to him saying that company LY was in his mind the best.. My thing is I know that he got scared because we don't offer some crappy little service, with crappy phones at a high price we have namebrand carriers,namebrand phones and more than just one business platform we are not representatives of the company each individual that comes into our company is a sub dealer and can open a full fledge store if they so choose to.