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*******www.gogotraining****, 1-877-546-4446 This video discusses: •Add and modify groups •Demo: Adding, mo...
*******www.gogotraining****, 1-877-546-4446 This video discusses: •Add and modify groups •Demo: Adding, modifying, deleting groups This video is part of the Red Hat Linux System Admistration Part 2 course which you will learn to perform the tasks of a RedHat Linux system administrator. This training introduces topics unique to the management of RedHat-based Linux distributions. Real world examples and exercises will provide practical application of storage management, virtual memory, and networking concepts. Course Prerequisites: You will need to have taken Linux Essentials or a similar course, and Linux System Administration Part 1. You will also need practical experience using Linux/UNIX operating systems including the use of command line tools to navigate files and directories, modify text files. A basic understanding of TCP/IP networking principles is also helpful. Course Objectives: As a result of taking this Red Hat Linux training course, you will be able to: •Configure software RAID •Manage and configure virtual memory (swap) •Configure and use NFS and Samba network storage •Manage system network interfaces and name resolution •Schedule jobs and perform backups •Select the most secure tools for administration tasks *******www.gogotraining****, 1-877-546-4446