Two Spins Round The Record - Jessica Simpson Vs Danzel Feat. DOA

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All copyrighted material used without permission, this project is just for fun. "Garbage Mix" A l...
All copyrighted material used without permission, this project is just for fun. "Garbage Mix" A lot of mashup artists use clean instrumentals and clean vocals to mix their songs; either they have the mixing tools to make the clean versions or they find them. I was not able to do either in this case. Since I was mixing cover versions of the same song I thought I would be able to make it work even though I was using full mixes of all versions. I took a few clean measures of Dead or Alive's original song and looped it to provide a backbeat but also to give me a track to sync everything else with. I cut in Jessica Simpson's verses and Danzel's verses where I wanted them, and retimed them to match the DOA beat. That by itself left a jarring transition each time it switched from one to the other, since their instrumentation was pretty different. I tried my best to find clean measures from each other's song to loop over their counterpart's verse to minimize the difference in instrumentation. I crossfaded the transitions and usually tried to add some kind of drum flourish during the transitions to help cover the difference. I think it turned out pretty well considering, but I'm calling it the "garbage mix" because there's a lot of extra garbage in there, sometimes as many as 5 or 6 tracks overlayed at a time. If I ever get a hold of acapella vocals or instrumental music for any of the versions I might try to make a cleaner mix. (P.S. my "Ice Under Pressure" mashup was also a "garbage mix") For the video I thought I would do something different and show you the timeline/workspace of my editor Magix Music Maker 2005 Deluxe. This is essentially what I'm seeing when I edit, though I overlayed the bottom left corner display from elsewhere on the Magix screen. This gives you an idea of the number of tracks I was working with and the number of cuts and fades I had to make even for this fairly simple edit. Track 1 & 2 are DOA. Track 1 is generally the looped beat, Track 2 is where I put the alternate measure for the chorus and later Pete Burns' small section of vocal I used. There's really no reason to have this on 2 tracks other than it made it easier for me to remember which section of waveform was which. Track 3 is Jessica Simpson, Track 5 is Danzel. Track 4 is where I put most of the drum flourishes or techno beats during the transitions, although extras wound up on Track 6 & 7.