10-Year-Old Boy Grows Up Without Parents

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For more news and videos visit ☛ ‪*******english.ntdtv**** Follow us on Twitter ☛ ‪*******twitter****/NTDTelevision Add us on Facebook ☛ ‪*******me.lt/9P8MUn He was born in China 10 years ago at about the same time the Chinese Communist Party launched its persecution against the meditation practice Falun Gong. Now, young Pan Zhuangzhuang is without parents. His father was persecuted to death when he was five and his mother has been in detention since he was two. There is a song in China, A child with a mother is like a treasure, a child without a mother is like grass. When Zhuangzhuang was one year old, he and his mother were detained by local communist authorities in an office basement. When he was 2, his mother was put into detention where she still remains. Zhuangzhuangs father, Pan Xingfu, worked as the deputy director in the Shuangyashan Telecommunications Bureau. His mother, Zhang Li, also worked for the Telecommunications Bureau in the program switching control room. She has studied abroad and has an excellent work performance record. This photo was taken in June 2004, two days before Zhuangzhuangs father died after he was released to his home, after being persecuted to near death in Mudanjiang Prison. He weighed only 80 pounds and was very weak. 31-year-old Pan Xinfu passed away a month later when Zhuangzhuang was only 5-years-old. After the Chinese Communist Party began to persecute Falun Gong, Zhang Li had to carry her son with her to avoid being captured. In 2003, she was illegally sentenced to 8 years in Heilongjiang Province Womens Prison. Zhang Li never gave up her belief in Falun Gong's key teachings of truthfulness, compassion and tolerance despite all kinds of torture such as electric shocking and exposure to the cold. Her mother and Zhuangzhuang went to visit Zhang Li in prison in April 2008 when she was near death. When they asked for her release, the police said, You can appeal to wherever you want, but she will not be released. Zhuangzhuang misses his mother. He get sad when he sees other children together with their parents. He does not understand why he doesnt have a father, and his dear mother is being locked up in a place far away and cannot come home.