Best Baseball Exercises - Punches (Foundational Exercises)

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Best Baseball Exercises *******www.BestBaseballExercises**** Punches will help to strengthen the shoulder ...
Best Baseball Exercises *******www.BestBaseballExercises**** Punches will help to strengthen the shoulder and rotator cuff to help prevent injuries and recover sooner from an injury. Research clearly shows the value of baseball strength workouts in terms of performance and injury prevention. Treiber 1998 in the American Journal of Sports Medicine showed a 6-7% increase in serve velocity after a 4 week strengthening program. The following Study out of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning details the deconditioning process that occurs through the course of a football season. As the article describes; due to fatigue and load the players became progressively weaker throughout the season, increasing the potential for injury and performance impairment. Regardless of the sport, a well designed rotator cuff and scapular strengthening program is needed to prevent this type of in-season strength loss. Adequate shoulder girdle strength is important to ensure a football player's success and safety. Accurate and easy measurement of shoulder strength would help identify deconditioning trends and monitor the effects of injury or rehabilitation. The purpose of this study was to document variations in shoulder abduction strength in football players during a 10-week seasons using a portable strain gauge device. Bilateral shoulder abduction strength of 59 players was measured at the season's start, midpoint and near end. Strength dropped approximately 28% on each side, with most of the loss being in the first 5 weeks. The strength loss was also ore rapid on the left side, making the side-to-side strength ration unstable throughout the season. It is recommended that in-season shoulder girdle strengthening be emphasized and that if shoulder strength measurements are to be used for exercise prescription or injury rehabilitation purposes, serial baseline measurements be made during the season. Be sure to visit *******www.BestBaseballExercises****/ for more information about best baseball exercises,baseball shoulder exercises,baseball stretching exercises,baseball conditioning,baseball drills,baseball nutrition,baseball ab exercises,baseball leg exercises,baseball exercises for kids,baseball pitching,strength workouts,workouts for baseball and baseball fitness