Mole Infiltrates Occupy Wall Street

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BY RICHARD LAYCOCK The Occupy Wall Street movement has been infiltrated. The group reportedly has a “mole ...
BY RICHARD LAYCOCK The Occupy Wall Street movement has been infiltrated. The group reportedly has a “mole problem” according to WCBS. “It seems the FBI and NYPD are getting help in monitoring Occupy Wall Street. Published reports say security consultant, Thomas Ryan, has been secretly attending Occupy Wall Street meetings; monitoring the social media accounts and passing information along to law enforcement agencies.” One other person has gotten ahold of that information. Big Journalism blogger Andrew Breitbart. The Daily Mail reports... “From Thomas Ryan: Andrew Breitbart has a cache of 3,900 e-mails from the political operatives who created the ‘spontaneous’ Occupy Everything.” So, what’s the implication of these leaked mails? Gawker spoke with Ryan who alleges a conspiratorial who’s who of participants. “I know which of them are Anonymous members, who aren't and what they do and their alter-egos,” he said… (Also alleging) …in a blog post that he had seen Occupy Wall Street posts on the Al Qaeda recruitment forum Shamuk and Al-Jahad… But Gawker follows this with… “While it's true that members of Anonymous have been involved in the protests … Ryan couldn't prove how the group was exercising control over the generally disorganized Occupy Wall Street protests.” Alternet comments on the accusations made about Occupy Everything, by both Ryan and Breitbart. “It’s not bad enough that right-wing media have attempted to portray the Occupy Movement as dirty hippies, lazy freeloaders, ignorant dupes, leftist traitors, godless heathens...Breitbart is adding Al-Qaeda terrorists to this list. If it wasn’t so dangerously provocative it would be moderately humorous.” Ryan tries to justify what he is doing in a blog post for Big Government... “We are sharing the email archive because we believe the public needs to know the hidden agendas behind the Occupation–the socialist, anarchist, and other agendas that have not been reported in the mainstream media.” The release of these files has done nothing to stop the spread of the movement-- according to the Washington Post. On Saturday more than 900 cities across the globe held demonstrations; in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. Transcript by Newsy.