Neil Peart Vs Mike Portnoy

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Leave a comment for your favourite drummer, Mike or Danny? More drum battles comming soon! www.ratemydrum...
Leave a comment for your favourite drummer, Mike or Danny? More drum battles comming soon! www.ratemydrums**** Share and be Inspired The question a lot of you are asking is "Is it right to compare two great artists?" There are two ways of looking at it; the first way is drummer "A" vs. drummer "B" and asking who is best or who would win a competition? I believe this is wrong as neither drummer asked to be judged or entered into a competition. This is NOT what I am trying to do. I will say it again; this is not a competition and not what I am trying to do. The other way of looking at it is one of advanced appreciation. Let me explain what I mean. Take a drummer like Danny Carey; do you enjoy his music on its own without anything to compare it to? Yes, I do. Now take a drummer like Mike Portnoy, can you enjoy his music on its own without any comparison? Yes, I also do. But if I want to know how much I enjoy either piece or either drummer I need something to compare it against. Our first natural comparison is with ourselves. "I like Danny Carey, and will pay money to see Danny because he is better than me". Fair statement? I don't see Danny Carey lining up to see my clinics. Why do most of us appreciate Danny's drummer more then say Larry Mullins Jr's drummer? Because it is further from where we are. A lot of us can play what Larry plays so we think of him as a good or great drummer, but with Danny being so far pasted us we often think of him as extremely superior or a master. To take an appreciation to a more advanced level you need to compare with another higher standard. There should only be a small variation between your personal appreciation of two players like Danny and Mike, or Vinnie or Buddy. Who you like might change from day to day and that's fine, today you might like Danny more, tomorrow you're in a mood for Mike How do you know what Tool song or Elton John song you like best? Compare it to another Tool or Elton song right? What I am doing is not wrong. I am exercising my rights to free speech and I am offering you an opportunity to join me and share your opinion. There are no winners or losers, only good comments and bad comments. And I can guarantee you that at some point you have made a judgment call on a drummer based on another drummer. If you don't like it -- Don't comment *** ver•sus --preposition as compared to or as one of two choices; in contrast with: traveling by plane versus traveling by train. Abbreviation: v., vs *******dictionary.reference****/search?q=versus *** Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, drumming, drums, drum solo, www.ratemydrums****, rush, progressive rock, progressive, rock, dream, theater,MP