Cat in the Hat (2003): Joan is Called Back to the Office/ Ms. Kwan Babysits

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The clip Joan is called back to the office/ ms. Kwan babysits from Cat in the Hat (2003) with Kelly Preston...
The clip Joan is called back to the office/ ms. Kwan babysits from Cat in the Hat (2003) with Kelly Preston, Dakota Fanning Kate's Catering. I'm here to do your party tonight. Oh, hi. Where's Kate? I'm Kate. Oh. Okay. Right this way, Kate. Mom, you've gotta listen to me... Quiet! Two weeks ago you said you would... I "specialed" it. See? Quiet! Nevins! I said quiet! Joan Walden Real Estate. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like Joan. This is Mr. Humberfloob. Oh, hi, Mr. Humberfloob. Joan, I need you to come back to the office. Today? Yes, Joan. No problem? No problem at all. Great! What's going on, Mommy? Mommy has to go back to the office. Oh! I hope Mrs. Kwan can baby-sit. Not Mrs. Kwan! Oh! Hi, Mrs. Kwan. Hi. I'm running late. Thanks for babysitting on such short notice. Mmm, yeah. Okay, Mrs. Kwan. Oh-oh-oh! I'll be back in a couple of hours. Hi. Conrad's grounded, so no video games. Sally? Last chance. If you wanna make cupcakes, I can take you to your friend Ginny's house. Ginny's not my friend anymore. Last time we made cupcakes she wanted to be the head chef. I'm the head chef. What about Denise, then? She talked back to me, so I ordered her not to speak to me anymore. And you don't like bossy? I won't tolerate it. Right. Well, if you're both staying, remember the rules. Conrad: No playing ball in the house, no fighting, no answering the phone, "City morgue. " Mommy, can't I have some rules? No chewing tobacco. Thanks, Mom. You have my word. And absolutely no one sets foot in the living room, or else. Or else what? You're gonna do what Larry said and send me to military school?