Russian Man Keeps 29 Bodies in His Home, Girl Poses Nude Insi...

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******* *******www.facebook****/pages/Sam-Proof/82425582283 Twins turn 11 on 11/11/11: *******u...
******* *******www.facebook****/pages/Sam-Proof/82425582283 Twins turn 11 on 11/11/11: ******* Woman Poses Nude with Horse Corpse: (WARNING -link contains Graphic images) ******* Russian man keeps 29 Dead Bodies in his Apartment: ******* and more weird news: Super man Super Fan: ***********/watch?v=Ny9oHbppZYw Weezer predict death: ***********/watch?v=8yXHQT98FgM Weird Animal News : ***********/watch?v=qKggDl5XAQg If you want to get involved with weird news, you can point out stories via twitter or facebook, or tell to google something in the comments OR send me your Video Report! Trancsript: Welcome to the Weird News, where the oddest articles automatically ascend to the front page. As hundreds of people makes plans to wed, mystics mediate and the nation celebrates its veterans, two sets of twins will be turning eleven on the mystical date 11-11-11. Now for the record it’s only two sets and not eleven sets, so it’s a wonder this is even a story, but it did appear in the associate press as well as hundred of it’s affiliates. Tyler and Kyra Schuman & Betsy and Katie Overman will both enter tweenhood this week though it is unclear if this will active any magical twin powers, or if we can finally figure out which one is the evil twin. Lynsie Schuman, one of the mothers remembers the day the ultrasound technician informered he she had two children in her womb "I was terrified," she said. Also terrifying, this story from our own TheGearsKeepTurning out first viewer submitted story! Adam? *Adam insert* It’s… more of .. like a proof nook. Anyway. Finally, and even more bizarre than that a man in Russia kept 29 dead bodies in his home! The man, a historian and author of several books had a collection of what looked like life sized dolls. The corpses were dressed in headscarves, bright dresses, with their hands and faces wrapped in cloth. Police said instructions on doll making were found and the remains were mummified. So it was sort of a large life size tea party. Cause… In Soviet Russia – Tea Party Has YOU! It’s funny, you can do one… ouu ouu In Soviet Russia Historians Make History. In Soviet Russia Weird News Makes YOU! Until next time, I’m Sam Proof you’re not. And check out Weird news on Craveonline! Follow the link below. Think you’ve found a weird news story? Shoot a 40 to 90 second piece telling me about it. Make it funny • HD is best, but not necessary • Good lighting & sound are extremely important • And send it to samproof[at]gmail[dot]com ! • You can also tweet me links to stories • Or post them on my facebook page! -------more samproof---- twitter *******twitter****/samproof store *******www.zazzle****/samproof dailybooth *******dailybooth****/samproof facebook *******facebook****/samproof community ******* ------------------ Please Remember to Comment, Thumb Up and Subscribe for my great videos!