Syracuse Coach Under Investigation for Alleged Sexual Abuse

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BY MARC STEIDLER Syracuse University placed associate basketball coach Bernie Fine on administrative lea...
BY MARC STEIDLER Syracuse University placed associate basketball coach Bernie Fine on administrative leave Thursday after a former ball boy, Bobby Davis, told ESPN -- he was molested by Fine. BOBBY DAVIS: “I let him do it hundreds of times.” MARK SCHWARTZ: “Hundreds?” DAVIS: “Oh yeah. Easily hundreds. It was just every day, since I was 11 to 27.” SCHWART: “Sixteen years?” DAVIS: “Yeah.” Davis originally approached Syracuse police with the allegations in 2005, but the city police did not pursue the case because the statute of limitations had expired. The university did however do its own four month investigation and it concluded: “All of those identified by the complainant denied any knowledge of wrongful conduct by the associate coach. The associate coach also vehemently denied the allegations.” But police have reopened the investigation after Davis’ half-brother also says he was abused by Fine. Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim told ESPN he thinks Davis is just after money, but a Newsweek columnist told CNN -- Boeheim’s behavior is predictable. “Boeheim doesn’t know what happened. He has no idea if the victims are going for money. This is what people always say when they’re trying to discredit victims, which is why these cases are hard to prove.” As the investigation continues, some members of the media, like ESPN Milwaukee’s Jason Wilde, are cautious about a story based on the allegations of two people. “Have no idea what to think about the Bernie Fine/Syracuse molestation story on ESPN. I do know this: You do the story, you better be right.” And a writer for CBS Sports wonders how the Penn State scandal affects this case -- and if fallout could be both good and bad. “Perhaps that's the one thing that'll come from this -- previously silent victims finding the courage to speak. But what if it also brings liars forward? And good men down?” Syracuse chancellor Nancy Cantor said in an e-mail to the university Friday they will quote do everything in our power to find the truth. Transcript by Newsy.