The Meaning of Life (1983): Fighting Each Other - Missing Leg Part 2

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The clip Fighting Each Other - Missing Leg Part 2 from The Meaning of Life (1983) with John Cleese, Graham ...
The clip Fighting Each Other - Missing Leg Part 2 from The Meaning of Life (1983) with John Cleese, Graham Chapman Well, it would, wouldn't it? That's quite a bite you've got there. Yes. A real beauty, isn't it? Any idea how it happened? None whatsoever. Complete mystery to me. Woke up just now, one sock too many. Must have a hell of a hole in your net. We've sent for the doctor. Hardly worth it, is it? Yes. Better safe than sorry. Yes. Good Lord, look at this. By Jove! That's enormous. You don't think it'll come back, do you? For more, you mean? Yes. We'd better get it stitched. Right. Hello, doc! Morning. I came as fast as I could. Is something up? Yes. During the night, old Perkins got his leg bitten, sort of, off. Yeah. Been in the wars, have we? Yes. Any headache? Bowels all right? Well, let's have a look at this one leg of yours, then. Yes. Yes. Yes, well, this is nothing to worry about. Good. There's a lot of it about. Probably a virus. Keep warm, plenty of rest... ...and if you're playing football or anything, try and favour the other leg. Right. As right as rain in a couple of days. Thanks for the reassurance. Not at all. That's what I'm here for. Any other problems I can reassure you about? No, I'm fine. Jolly good. Well, must be off. So it'll just grow back again, then, will it? I think I'd better come clean with you about this. It's not a virus, I'm afraid. You see, a virus is what we doctors call very, very small. So small it could not possibly have made off with a whole leg. What we're looking for, this is no more than an educated guess... ...I'd like to make that clear, is some multicellular life form... ...with stripes, huge, razor-sharp teeth, about 11-foot long... ...and of the genus felis horribilis. What we doctors, in fact, call a tiger. A tiger?