Meet the Fockers (2004): Discussing Child Raising Methods/ Embaressing Gaylord

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The clip discussing child raising methods/ embaressing gaylord from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Blythe Dan...
The clip discussing child raising methods/ embaressing gaylord from Meet the Fockers (2004) with Blythe Danner, Teri Polo Thank you, Bernie. What? Mom, didn't you just take Little Jack back to the room? I'm monitoring him from a high-powered multidirectional microphone planted in his crib. Oh, baby monitors. Hidden cameras. Whatever happened to a little thing called privacy? Bernie, surveillance technology has helped protect a lot of the freedoms that we as Americans take advantage of today. He's right. It has been good. S-son, that is bullcrap in a chef's salad. Jack, tell me one smart thing the CLIA has done and I'll give you the deed to her house. The CLIA? The Central Lack of Intelligence Agency. I think that baby might need a couple of pulls on that knocker of yours, Jack. No, it's okay. We're Ferberizing him. You're what? The Ferber method. You let him cry it out. This way he doesn't depend on coddling. On the other hand, the Continuum Concept shows that a baby benefits more from constant physical contact. Oh. We use the Ferber Method. We used the Focker Method. We hugged and kissed that little prince like there was no tomorrow. We Fockerized him. That's right. Greggy practically slept in our bed till he was 10. Oh, my God! Oh, I don't think it was quite that long. Yes, it was. No, it wasn't 10. Nine-and-a-half, at least. Mom, I don't think so. I didn't sleep in their bed all that time. Bernie, get the photo album. I'm one step ahead of you. No, no, no, we're eating dinner, come on. These are the curls from his first trip to the barbershop. Nobody wants to see this. Oh, and you kept all of his baby teeth. Look at his darling little teeth, isn't that sweet? Uh-oh, somebody looks very grumpy there. Oh, that's Gay with the mohel. The mohel? No.